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The 8 Most Forgettable Minnesota Sports Bobbleheads

Sports fans are serious about their bobbleheads. They'll take time off work just to wait in line outside Target Field for the chance of scoring a sweet 1991 World Series bobblehead. Legends like Kirby Puckett, Randy Moss and Joe Mauer will be displayed for decades in the collections of local sports fans. But it's not just Hall of Famers and MVP's who get immortalized. Here are 8 mediocre Minnesota athletes whose bobbleheads you might have in a box up in the attic.

Ten Things Minnesotans Don't Know About St. Louis, MO

Anyone in the Twin Cities can easily access St. Louis, MO just by hopping on a raft and floating down the Mississippi for about 500 miles. However, I've come to realize in my time in Minneapolis that Minnesotans know little to nothing about this fellow city along the big river. It seems like the only thing that anyone actually knows about the city is that it is the home of that "big Arch thing." Based on my experiences, here are ten things that Minnesotans don't know about St. Louis, MO.

1. St. Louisans Hate the Twins

People in the Twin Cities have told me that it doesn't matter if I like the Wild, the Wolves, or the Vikings, as long as I become a Twins fan. It'll never happen. Every St. Louisan has an ingrained hatred of the Twins, which no one from the Twin Cities seems to know about (I guess the feeling isn't mutual). Perhaps it's a bit irrational, but it obviously has something to do with the 1987 World Series. Of course, since the Cardinals have 9 more World Series wins then the Twins, I suppose it's time to forget. Interestingly enough, St. Louisans absolutely love Twinkies.

2. St. Louis Has a Deep Hockey History

Some silly Minnesotans were surprised I knew anything about hockey. St. Louis has had a professional hockey team longer than the Twin Cities, and the Blues have made the playoffs a lot more times than any team from Minnesota. Minnesota and St. Louis both entered the NHL in 1967, but as all Minnesotans know, the state was without a professional hockey team for most of the 90s. Meanwhile, the Blues were making the playoffs ever year (and never winning the Cup).

3. Yes, It Does Snow in St. Louis

Every time I tell someone I'm from St. Louis, they act like I'll never survive winter in the Twin Cities. Many of them think I've never even seen snow before. News flash: it snows in St. Louis. In fact, St. Louis has had more snow than the Twin Cities so far this winter. While this is highly unusual, St. Louis does get snow every year, including at least one snowfall of over six inches. The big difference though is that the snow in St. Louis melts within a few days, while the ground in the Twin Cities is perpetually covered with snow from November to March (at least). Oh, and when it snows in St. Louis, even if it's just an inch or two, all of the schools close.

4. St. Louis is not part of the South

A few months ago, one of my coworkers asked me why I didn't have a Southern accent. I had to explain that I wasn't from the South. A brief history lesson: Missouri was a border state in the Civil War. They sent troops to both sides. While there are a fair number of people who fly Confederate flags in Missouri, no one from St. Louis would ever consider the city part of the South. Of course, everyone in St. Louis thinks that everyone from Minnesota talks like the people in the film Fargo.

5. St. Louis Doesn't Put Cheese inside Burgers

If there's one thing that the Twin Cities does much better than St. Louis, it's burgers. Whether it's a Jucy Lucy, a Juicy Lucy, or some other variation, these burgers are fantastic. St. Louisans haven't figured out how to get the cheese inside the burger. However, they have mastered the cardboard pizza with a highly processed cheese that is oddly delicious only to St. Louis natives. Where can I get St. Louis Style Pizza in Minneapolis?

6. St. Louis Used to Be a Bigger City Than Minneapolis

Some Minnesotans think I must be overwhelmed coming from a small town. While St. Louis has certainly lost some population over the years, it's been a major city for quite some time. In fact, it used to be bigger than Minneapolis. Remember back in 1904 when St. Louis held the World's Fair and the Olympics? When was the last time the Twin Cities did that?

7. St. Louis Has Better Traffic

This one is obviously debatable, but everyone from St. Louis who has been in rush hour traffic in the Twin Cities seems to agree. During the warmer months, it seems that every major road in the Twin Cities is gridlocked due to construction. In the winter, the cold and snowy conditions make everyone drive ten miles an hour no matter what. Every time it rains, Minnesotans forget how to drive all over again. While traffic can be bad in St. Louis, it really doesn't compare at all to the Twin Cities. In fact, people in St. Louis don't really seem to slow down no matter what the conditions are.

8. St. Louis Doesn't Have Famous Dave's, Taco John's, or Super Target, and Panera is Called St. Louis Bread Co.

No matter where you are from, you probably take certain stores and restaurants for granted. You just assume that everyone has places like Famous Dave's. However, even though Famous Dave's has St. Louis Style Ribs on the menu, there are none to be found in the metro area. There are no Super Targets either, although most of the Targets now have semi-decent grocery sections. WalMart is a lot bigger in St. Louis than it is in the Twin Cities (a fact I am not proud of). And that restaurant known as Panera—that's called St. Louis Bread Co., and it's pretty much everyone's favorite place.

9. Minnesota and Missouri are Pretty Similar, Except They Aren't

In a lot of ways, Minnesota and Missouri are about the same. Lots of farming communities, two major cities, ten electoral votes, big hunting populations, etc. It can be much colder in the northern half of each state. Only one state separates them, and they both start with the same letter. If not for Mississippi, they would be next to each other alphabetically. Then again, Minnesota has more land mass, a less dense populous, and very different voting habits.

10. St. Louisans Think Minnesota is Miserable Year Round

Many people in St. Louis tend to think their city is about the best place in the world, even if it is unbearably hot in the summer and one of the crime capitals of the country. But with loads of free museums and a great baseball team, that makes up for it, right? Certainly St. Louisans would never want to live in Minnesota. It snows every day, never gets above zero, everyone speaks with obnoxiously long 'O's all the time, and the mosquitoes eat everyone alive in the summer. But, after living here for almost a year, I have to admit that it isn't that bad. In fact, I think I might even like it a little better.


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