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Your guide to the Lasorda Dog

By fbihop 04/24/2014

Albuquerque News

The hot dog you are destined to eat. 

Take a look at it. 

It’s called the Lasorda Dog, named after the legendary baseball manager who spent a few years managing the Albuquerque Dukes back before the phrase “specialty hot dog” was invented. It has everything you’d want in a hot dog. And possibly more. 

And you can get it this year at Isotopes Park.

 Let’s break this puppy (pun fully intended and I feel no shame) down, part by part. 

Hot dog purists? You might want to avert your gaze.

Two hot dogs...

You can’t go wrong with a hot dog at a baseball game. Hot dog and baseball go together like, well, Cracker Jacks and baseball. Or beer and baseball. Or peanuts and baseball. While there is increasingly fancy fare at the ballpark, you can never go wrong with a good ol’ fashioned hot dog. Unless you get two.

12-inch tortilla

You’re in New Mexico. You don’t need those tasteless hot dog buns that end up being as flat as a tortilla when you bite into the hot dog - you can get the real thing with that New Mexico flair.

...with crispy bacon...

Bacon. There are very few things in this world that aren’t improved by bacon, and hot dogs certainly aren’t one of them. But when you put bacon on a hot dog, you need something to hold it together…

...scoop of sour cream...

There we go.

At this point, you may be realizing that this culinary creation probably won't fit into your diet. It might even be too much for your cheat day.

...diced onion...


...chopped green chile...

Now here’s where the sour cream comes in handy. When you have something with green chile, you need something to counteract the heat. Enchiladas? The cheese. Green chile cheeseburger? The cheese and the bread. In the Lasorda Dog, you get the tortilla and the sour cream.

...fried jalapeño caps...

I’m not the biggest fan of jalapeños -- they have the kick of heat but not the kick of flavor that green chile has. But, hey, it gives you that extra heat.

...and a blend of shredded monterey jack and cheddar cheese

The final kick to the Lasorda Dog is some cheese. What is any sort of New Mexico food without a bit of cheese?

You'll either think it's the worst thing in the world...

...or the best idea ever.

So where do you stand?