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You Know You Went to Cibola High School When...

Cibola High School is by far one of the most well rounded and enjoyable schools APS has to offer. Cibola alumni all share some habits we collectively picked up in high school, both good and bad. 

You find yourself trying to avoid stepping on fancy tiles.

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The words, "Don't step on the cougar," haunt you forever which makes you hesitant to step on any nice tile.

You still consider Volcano Vista a rival.

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The games against the Cougars and Hawks always got angsty and to this day, you still consider them your enemy.  

You're grateful for windows.

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Who builds a school with hardly any windows?!? Cibola does. 

Running uphill in dirt is your enemy.

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Remember Cougar Loop? Agh... running up that steep dirt hill was not the best...

Gold/ yellow and brown are the best colors.

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It seems like a weird color combination from the seventies but it works and it's awesome. Why? Because Cibola is awesome. We're all done here. 

You expect teachers everywhere else to be as amazing as the teachers at Cibola.

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The teachers at Cibola are by far some of the best teachers high schools have to offer around here!

You still find yourself rooting for Cibola High School even though you went there years ago.

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Once a cougar, always a cougar! Cibola offers a great experience, which makes us alumni still root for our gold/yellow and brown!

The idea of taxidermy haunts you to this day.

Photo via www.taxidermy.net

Any Cibola alumni knows why...