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You Know You Went To Sandia High School When...

By avesper 01/06/2015

Albuquerque News

You went to Sandia too!? Perfect! We can talk about our good ol' days being a matador. 

#1: You're favorite color combination is still scarlet red & Columbia blue.

In fact, not only is it still you're favorite color combination but you practically bleed scarlet red & Columbia blue. If you went to Sandia High School you know and agree that our high school reps the best colors in the city. 

#2: You know what the "Secret" is in the commons.

What's the secret in the commons at Sandia High School? 

If you went to Sandia, you know. *wink wink* It involves that lovely matador statue propped up in the middle of the hallway, a mirror, and standing in just the right location. 

#3: We have the best sports teams. Hands down.


Nothing was more competitive at Sandia than all of our awesome sports teams. We have won titles year after year and have that special Sandia pride fueling our spirits. Nothing but talent here!   

There is even so much pride at the football games that everyone gets dressed up in scarlet red & Columbia Blue and chant the fight song. If you didn't own any matador merchandise you got pretty creative with the crafts and face paint for a Friday Night Game.

#4: Marching band practices almost every morning and you can even hear the drums from blocks away!

If you were ever in marching band you know what "zero hour" was, and that you had to be awake at the crack of dawn for practice. Marching and practicing so early in the morning was not the funnest part of being in band. But tearing it up at the football games and the Zia competition was well worth all those hours of practice.

#5: We had some pretty awesome teachers!

We all had at least one teacher that really touched our lives and helped us grow as a person. Sandia has some of the best education and teachers in all of Albuquerque, and we sure know it! 

#6: The best lunch was bought from DECA.

If you wanted to eat something other than cafeteria food and you weren't a senior, and unable to leave campus for lunch then DECA was the place to get good lunch food. Everything, ranging from hot warm pizza, to pretzels with cheese, and green chile chicken burritos, the DECA lunch station was the place to go. 

#7: The walk up to Yucca.

This was a trek! It was hard and annoying to walk up and down Yucca trail everyday, especially if you had more than one class a day up there. The plus side of this trek was talking to friends or having some time alone to think on your 3 minute commute. This was not easy on the legs! 

#8: The commute time in between classes was not long enough!


How was there enough time to go to your locker, go to the bathroom, get a snack, and walk to your next class? There wasn't. 

If you had to walk to Yucca and your locker was in the commons but you were coming from shop class, this added an extra 2 minutes to your commute easily. Teachers never failed to remind you to use the restroom on your classroom period breaks. Nice try teachers but, there is just no way. 

#9: You met some pretty awesome people and friends at Sandia that will last for a lifetime.

You probably have a handful of fellow Matadors you still keep in touch with and have a good relationship with to this day. Some of our best times with these people were made inside the commons, the lunch tables outside, the gym, during lab, on the yucca trail, on the fields, and inside of our classrooms. 

#10: We are referred to as the "Watermelon" school.

(For obvious reasons) Sandia = Watermelon in Spanish.

#11: You still own Sandia High School Merchandise!

It doesn't matter how long ago you attended Sandia, you still own merchandise with a Matador or the words "SHS" written on it. You could be attending now, or a 20 year alumni and still have your "Sandia High School" sweater. 

#12: Our biggest rivals are La Cueva and Eldorado HS.

There's no doubt that our biggest rivals are La Cueva High School, and Eldorado High School. These were the games you did not want to miss because that's were all the excitement was. Nothing beats a good rival match! 

Go Sandia Matadors!