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10 Reasons Why New Mexico is for Lovers

According to a recent study, New Mexicans are the longest lovers. The study used an app called Spreadsheets which "uses your phone's accelerometer and speakers to provide statistical feedback about your duration, thrusts, and decibel peak." Coming in on top of the list at 7:01 is the Land of Enchantment, but maybe the new state slogan should be: New Mexico is for lovers. Here are 10 reasons why New Mexico is the best at romance in many forms.

10. Chile is a natural aphrodisiac.

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As mentioned in the recent Newscastic article (linked to here), chiles are vasodilator. They open up blood vessels so that blood can flow more easily to organs that need it... which is what some people take Viagra for.

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9. What's more romantic than a sunset?

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Whether you're in Santa Fe, Red River, Albuquerque, Belen, or Las Cruces, you'd be hard-pressed to find better views of sunsets anywhere in the country. The wide open sky, no huge buildings to get in your way. It's the perfect setting to cozy up to your loved one to start a romantic evening.

8. The Sandias and the Tram

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It's easy to see why this was voted one of the best places to propose in Albuquerque the Magazine's "Best of the City" 2012 competition. The long tram ride and romantic dinner at the peak, followed by the beautiful view of the city...

7. The desert climate means cool nights...

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...which is a perfect excuse for cuddling up to someone (unless you are a cactus).

6. Bed and Breakfast bonanza

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With 36 B&Bs part of the New Mexico Bed & Breakfast association, and many more not part of the association (Los Poblanos, anyone?), New Mexico has a variety of romantic getaways for you and your lover to fit a variety of tastes.

5. First-class stargazing

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While it's nice to just stare into your beloved's eyes and whisper sweet nothings, sometimes it's good to look away together and see the vast expanse of space on a clear night. New Mexico has low light pollution, high altitude, and has clear skies -- all perfect for finding constellations together.

4. Hot air balloon rides

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These bees (named Lily and Joey) know that hot air ballooning is pretty much the most romantic kind of ballooning ever. You can be brave for your honey as the balloon ascends and the ground drops away, and then steal a kiss or two as the pilot adjusts altitude -- just like these bees.

3. You don't have to be straight to enjoy the romance of New Mexico

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Marriage for people of the same sex became legal in late 2013, moving New Mexico's acceptance for people of all sexual orientations forwards. So if you're a dude and your husband is a dude, or if you are a lady and your wife is a lady, you can still participate in all the things listed above, and more.

2. Live Theater abounds

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With 41 theaters in Albuquerque alone home to plays, dance performances, and music, there's something that both of you will enjoy. Plus, theater performances can get pretty cozy once the lights go out.

1. There's something to do in every season

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Whether it's winter and you've trekked out to White Sands or the dead of winter and you're visiting the River of Lights or September when the cottonwoods start to change color, there are places and things for you and your boo to keep busy with until you're ready to get busy. We have a reputation to uphold now, people.