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Types of People You See at Every UNM Football Game

"Man, I really wouldn't want to be That Guy," is something you might hear frequently at Lobo stadium. One thing is for sure, for some reason you always see the same characters at a Lobos game. You know who I'm talking about. Lets look at a few unofficial UNM mascots that they don't even have to pay to show up.

The Just There to Tailgate Guy


He might not even know who's playing, or care what the score is, but he is definitely always coming up with new ways to show his team spirit, that also happen to attract people to his vehicle.

Guy Who Pregames Too Hard

You know this guy, he is the one in the parking lot shotgunning beers back to back and is the first one asleep in the bed of the truck. 

Frat Guys

Sure, they show up in a crowd of thirty people, but why isn't there a single chick with them? 

The 25 Year Ticket Holder

This guy is a lifer. He is more interested in the game than stealing your girlfriend, but he's probably got the energy and the bankroll to, if he felt like it.


He's got a gun! Oh, he must be upset the Lobos beat his crappy team again.

Compensating With Merch Guy

He may not bring a lot to the table in terms of good looks, sports knowledge, or good jokes, but boy does he have a lot of merchandise.

The Couple Who Just Came to Make Out

Have they even looked at the field once? You can't see his other eye, but it has never left the scoreboard, and he is more focused on what he will be doing after the game.

The Chick Wearing Nothing At All

How is anyone supposed to focus on the game with that walking by? It's a free country and all, but when even the players are turning their heads mid-play, it's just down right distracting.

Extreme Face and Body Paint Guy

He may not be in peak physical condition, but his ability to completely cover himself in body paint by himself in his bathroom more than makes up for it.

Tattooed Family

Burque has quite a culture of Tattoos. You'll see a few of these families at the game, all sleeved up, and baby just got his first neck tat.

Stadium Food Enthusiast

This guy literally didn't eat all day yesterday, just so he could pig out at the concession stands. He's got nachos, cheeseburger, Najajo taco, chili cheese dog, and large soda in a novelty cup.