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These Are Absolutely the Worst Summer Jobs to Have in Albuquerque

By fbihop 06/20/2013

Albuquerque News

It is hot in Albuquerque in the summer. This summer, we’ve already flirted with 100 degrees. But when we all sit in our houses with our swamp coolers on high, some people have to work outside.

Here are some terrible jobs in Albuquerque:

(NewsCastic writer Delia Barnas contributed to this story) 

Taking Orders at Golden Pride

Golden Pride has some of the best breakfast burritos in the city -- which means long lines at the drive-thru every morning and into the afternoon. This means iPad-toting workers go down the line and get customers’ orders. This helps the customers, but has to be hell on the workers standing out in the sun with the smell of barbecue in the air. Not to mention the people in the booth that take your money.

Drying Off Cars at Octopus

When you go into Octopus and send your car down the conveyor belt, you get to watch your car get washed from a nice, air-conditioned area. They even have comfortable chairs!But for the people who dry off your car to make sure there are no water spots, there is no air conditioning. They get what is essentially a giant carport to block them from the sun and earplugs to block out the jet-engine noises from the car wash itself.


Even though New Mexico has an increasingly small amount of grass (except for parks. Albuquerque has lots of parks), landscaping crews are still out there working throughout the summer. From trimming the trees in the medians to mowing the grass in front of businesses, they work hard throughout the day.And thanks to the nature of the work, you don’t get to wear shorts and a t-shirt. Instead, you get to wear Levis and a long-sleeved shirt with work gloves and work boots.

Road to Chihuahua - 02 - Pizza Delivery Guy

Pizza Hut Delivery Driver

Pizza Hut is not a food joint specific to Albuquerque, but when you walk in the door of one of their storefronts in Albuquerque, you’ve got to wonder if they should get paid more than those who work in Seattle or something. As if the pizza ovens didn’t make it hot enough inside, that notorious Albuquerque sun beats in through the windows, positively boiling the workers who have to wear thick cotton uniforms.The icing on the cake for the poor fellows who actually deliver the pizza is that extra process of having to come and go through the hot building, only to get in and out of a car that sits outside in the sun all day.

Mobile Car Detailing

Did you know that there are a number of mobile car detailing places in Albuquerque? Places where you can call them and they come and clean your car, inside and out.And in the summer, it can be a hellish job. The sun is beating down on you and the water doesn’t cool you down as much as you think it would. When you’re done with the outside of the car, you get to start on the inside of a hot car -- one that you don’t want to turn on and use the air conditioning so you don’t use the customer’s gas.

Air Conditioning Repair

Heating and air conditioning repairmen get to be outside in the 100+ degree heat in the summer and sub-freezing degree cold in the winter. In the summer, they are the first ones you call when your swamp cooler or air conditioner breaks down -- which means they get to stand outside, sometimes on your roof in the full sun, and try to figure out what is wrong. Once they fix your unit, they get to drink a gallon of water and be in their air-conditioned van -- but only until the next call.