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The Top Quirky Road Trip Attractions to Visit in New Mexico

New Mexico is pretty odd we already all know this. 

However, not everyone knows all of the quirky spots and if you ever have time for a road trip, you should definitely see one or two of these sights. 

Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness Area

Photo via en.wikipedia.org

This particularly intruiging sight is located in San Juan County, and has tons of towering rock structures referred to as "hoodoos". Many fossils have been discovered here as well. However, one must have a permit in order to find them. 

Tiny Town in Madrid

Photo via www.NancyChuang.com

Just outside of Madrid, on the Lodestar Ranch, there is an array of neat recycled random materials making up "Tiny Town". Everything used is claimed to be broken, old, or rusted- but it makes up quite the facinating little town, to the point where it's said the artist now sells her work on the side. 

Tent Rocks

Photo via www.theblondecoyote.com

The Tent Rocks not only is a great hike it's a pretty wild sight. It's truly amazing to think that somehow those giant rocks were carved by time, and nature to look like giant tents. 


Photo via www.bizarrebytes.com

Fridgehenge? What? You heard right. Our very own Santa Fe is home to a replica of Stonehenge- but with fridges. The artist, Adam Jonas Horowitz, must've spent a lot of time on this quirky, yet awesome version of Stonehenge, and you have to see it to believe it. 

White Sands

Photo via www.enchanted-villa.com

The White Sands, which are in Dona Ana County, are almost too white to believe, which makes them a must see for anyone taking a road trip around New Mexico. 

City of Rocks

Photo via www.fulltimefamilies.com

Located in our Chihuahuan desert region, these beauties created 34.9 million years ago from volcanic rock are truly something to oogle over. Don't get me started on the great hiking trails and stargazing opportunities available there, as well!

Pistachio Tree Ranch

Photo via www.flickr.com

Located in Alamogordo, the McGinn's Pistachio Tree Ranch is marked with a giant pistachio outside- so you know they mean business. With over twenty flavored pistachios to try, and some delicious New Mexican wine, you'll see why this place is worth the "pit" stop!

Gorge Bridge

The Rio Grande's Gorge Bridge is a manmade bridge located by Taos, and it is the seventh highest bridge in the United States. However, what sets it apart from the six other tall bridges is the jaw dropping scenery. 

Turquoise Trail

Photo via www.innonthealameda.com

The Turquoise trail is definitely one of the most impressive sights New Mexico has to offer. Along the trail, there are many unique little towns, such as Madrid, and a ton of cool museums and old mining towns, as well. 

New Mexico's "Big Bird"

Photo via www.williadg.blogspot.com

In Las Cruces, there is an interesting sight of what appears to be a giant roadrunner, but as you look closer, you discover that it's entirely made up of trash. Shoes, computer parts, and toys make up the world's largest road runner- pretty nifty if you ask me!

Smokey Bear Museum

Photo via www.legendsofamerica.com

Smokey Bear was an idea used for advertisements about six years before the legitimate Smokey came along, when a baby cub was rescued from forest fires in 1950. Until some time in the seventies, he was paid millions of visits, and now has a museum, located in Capitan. 

Roswell UFO Museum

Photo via www.alienresistance.org

Roswell has always had a lot of UFO hype and rumors surrounding it, and you can check it out, for yourself in the Roswell UFO Museum. The cool exhibits of aliens and the gift shop are totally worth it at this odd little stop!

Gila Cliff Dwellings

Photo via www.newmexico.org

It's said that these dwellings were inhabited around 1280 B.C., and are breathtaking to check out. View the ancient Mongollon homes somewhat near Silver City, and see just how incredible they are!

Snakes Alive

Photo via www.legendsofamerica.com

One of the coolest attractions in Albuquerque is the odd museum hosting over thirty species of rattlesnakes. Check out the snake mythology and interesting snake art they have to offer here, it's definitely quirky, but in a good way!

Spaceship House

Photo via www.trailergypsies.com

The Spaceship House is hands down one the quirkiest things New Mexico has to offer, and it's located right in Albuquerque. Bart Prince is the architect of this spacelike creation, and honestly, it's something you definitely need to see.