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The Three Men You'll Inevitably Date in Pittsburgh

Whether you’re new to the dating scene in the 412 or have been living in it for most of your life, you’re bound to figure it out eventually - the men in Pittsburgh are a rare breed. Most like to spend nights at the ballpark and stand on tabletops at Hofbrau, and they’re all proud to wear black and gold on most occasions. But after living in the downtown area for just over a year of single-life, it’s plain to see that there a few stereotypes of men that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Good luck, yinz.

1. The Frat Guy Turned Lawyer


His best pick-up line? “You’re that girl I've been seeing in my dreams every night. It’s so nice to finally meet you.”

When he’s not wearing a suit and working 8AM to 8PM, you’ll find him pumping iron at the nearest LA Fitness or Exercise Warehouse, or competitively invested in Thursday night Trivia Matches at Mario’s-Shadyside. He plays on at least three PSL Slowpitch Teams, spends every other weekend at Diesel or SkyBar and has t-shirts that are smaller than yours even though his shoulders are about three times bigger in size. On the surface, it seems like he really wants to be back at college, surrounded by sorority girls in tight skirts that are willing to fist-pump alongside him. But what this guy really wants is a young fox with a good head on her shoulders who’s driven and exciting, and still knows how to have a genuinely good time.

2. The Hipster With Little Responsibility


His best pick-up line? “Is midnight too late for lattes? I’m craving your sweet-side.”

He’s one of those tall, skinny guys with Peter Parker frames that you always see during the day-time in Southside, but never out at night. He looks better in skinny jeans and lace-up combat boots than you ever will, and he rarely wears any clothing that isn’t black, grey, brown or neutral in color. You’ll catch him searching through bins of old vinyls at The Exchange, lounging with a coffee and a paperback book at Crazy Mocha or smoking a cigarette downtown near The Benedum Center. He’s chill, and you’re into that because you know that dating a low-maintenance, music-loving guy with a quirky sense of style will always be an adventure. You’ll most-likely meet him standing in line at Giant Eagle or on the porch of a friends apartment surrounded by other people, and when you hit it off you know it’ll be a relationship different from any other because his smile just says, “Yes”. 

3. The Older, More Sophisticated Normal Guy


His best pick-up line? “Let me make you dinner. At my place.”

He’s older than you and there’s this underlying, awkward feeling that you’re dating someone your parents would normally hang out with, but he’s one of the most casually cool guys you've ever met. His facial hair is well-groomed and he knows the difference between a good V-Neck and a regular 100% Cotton T-shirt. You might meet him at work in a business meeting or at Happy Hour in Market Square. If you meet him at a bar on any given late-night, he’ll probably be the one making your Cosmopolitan rather than buying it for you. You won’t always be sure how many other women he’s dating or ‘talking to’ while you’re with him - you know that he has other options. But something about his ability to avoid the 20-something-year-old dramatics and enjoy the simple things in life draws you to him. He’s attractive because he’s thoughtful, and you’ll tell all of your girlfriends that he “makes you feel comfortable no matter what”.