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The Top 10 Things You’ll Miss the Most About New Mexico If You Leave

In a very clever wordplay, a lot of people like to call our beautiful state the Land of Entrapment. I get it. There is a big ol’ world out there, and there are some big cities that have a lot more to offer as far as both work and play. But there are some special qualities about this unique state that just can’t be found anywhere else—and you might not know what you have until it’s gone! These are the top things you'd be sure to miss.

1. Those mountain views.

Seriously, I have never seen mountains as majestic as the ones we have here. You might think you’ll actually be getting a better deal if you move to Colorado, but you’re wrong. You’ll miss this.

2. Those sunsets.

via Delia BK

There is something about a New Mexico sunset that is just so much more beautiful than anywhere else. Don’t get me wrong, you can get some sweet ocean sunsets. But here, you get colors I swear other people don't even know exist in the natural world.

3. That complete darkness.

This is one of those things you’ll take for granted until it’s gone. Want to go to a big city? There’s always a trade-off, trust me. And you might not think that the nighttime never reaching full darkness is that big of a deal, but once you face it every single night, it gets weird and annoying quick.

4. Those seasons.

Granted, depending on where you ultimately go off to, this may not apply to you. I realize that New Mexico is not the only state in the country with seasons. That being said, should you decide somewhere more temperate is the place for you, be aware that it can be very strange to lose out on seasons. Especially when our seasons look like THAT.

5. Those balloons.


You might not miss the annual Balloon Fiesta traffic, but once you see all your friends back in New Mexico posting pictures of the balloons that dot the skies in October and surrounding months, I promise you’ll be almost jealous enough to move back home.

6. That concept of getting places really quickly.

via thewritingstig.com

Yeah, kiss that goodbye if you go anywhere bigger or more condensed. The notion that you can get anywhere within Albuquerque in under 25 minutes, or between cities that are 60 miles apart in less than an hour, is actually quite rare. Go experience some real big city traffic and tell me you don’t miss driving around New Mexico, I dare you.

7. That endearing Burqueño dialect.

There are many idioms here that will get you some weird looks anywhere else. Things you would have never found weird before! Soon, you'll long for someone--anyone--to understand your Spanglish lingo and obscure references.

8. Those puffy sopapillas.

You know that delectable dessert that you get for free with any meal at any New Mexican food restaurant? Kiss it goodbye. You’ll meet people out there that haven’t even heard of the sweet staple. Say hello to desperate food cravings and wishes for those people to even understand what they’re missing.

9. That Dion’s, that Blake's Lotaburger, and that New Mexican restaurant of your choice.

Speaking of food cravings... Even if you don't go to any of these locally owned and operated go-tos that often, once they're a matter of many hours away, you'll convince yourself that you would go every week, if you could.

10. And obviously, that bona fide NEW MEXICO green chile.

via yvonneinla.com

I shouldn’t have to say this, but it seems I actually really do. The spicy gloriousness of green chile is not easily tracked down anywhere but here. (And no, Colorado, you do not have the same thing—SORRY.) Pack your freezers, folks, because the real stuff really only does grow here in New Mexico. And you'll REALLY miss this irreplaceable comfort food once it's gone.

So wait...now, why would you ever leave?!