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The Six WORST Places to Go on a First Date in ABQ

We just published an article on the best places to take a first date to in Albuquerque. Now, we tell you about the places you would have to be crazy to take a first online date to:

1. The Zoo

Be very wary about taking your first date to the ABQ BioPark-Zoo.  You never know what can bring out too much of the animal in your date.  (Of course, my dates--males--never needed any extra encouragement.)  But if you do decide to go, you'll find not only a zoo complete with most of the "big cats,"  but the Botanic Garden, Tingley Beach and the Aquarium, as well.

2. The Movies

Unless you're going to sit in the back and make out, most people say the movies is a bad place to go on a first date.  Reason?  You don't get enough of a chance to talk to get to know your date.  (Actually, that's just the reason I like going to the movies on a first date.)  

But if you must go to one of Albuquerque's several cinemas, there's a list you should consult: The 15 Movies You Should Never Watch on a First Date, as compiled by Mandatory.com.

Tell us how you do.

3. A Bar

If you don't want to end up with a heavy drinker, don't take or meet your first date in a bar.  There are so many things that can go wrong:

1. You might look at your date and decide to get drunk.

2. Your date might look at you and decide to get drunk.

3. If the bar is too dark, you may be missing some important features of your date.

4. Your date may wrongly conclude you like sleazy places if the bar is sleazy.

5. Your date may wrongly conclude you're filthy rich if you pay a lot for drinks at this bar.

6. If you're a man (this usually happens to men but not always), you may get picked on and get into a bad brawl in a bar.

7. If you get into a brawl, your date my root for the other "guy" and walk off with him or her in the end.

But if you have a good time with your date and do want a drink, try the highly acclaimed Two Fools Tavern in Nob Hill.  I've heard the Shepherd's pie and the fish & chips are good.

What do you think?

4. Long Day Trip

One of the WORST things you can do is take a first date on a day trip. Assuming that safety is not an issue, here are the other reasons:

- If you're like me, I always fall asleep in the passenger seat if a trip is more than 15 minutes long.  And it's not a pretty sight.

- If you're the driver, you may scare your first date with your cool driving maneuvers. 

- You could get arrested for something--speeding or going through a red light.

- You may run out of things to say after the first five minutes and then you're stuck.

-Your date may have motion sickness and throw up all over your nice new interior.

Someday, though, if you have many dates with the same person, you may want to risk a really nice day trip to an artsy little town called Madrid (in Albuquerque) on the way to Santa Fe.

Just don't run out of gas...it's so cliche.

5. Tattoo Parlor

Ilene Springer

No.  It's as simple as that.  Do not bring your date to a tattoo or body piercing parlor--even if he or she already has tattoos or piercings.  Even if you are the most uninhibited person please keep some things to yourself.  Taking your best friend, even your mother, is preferable than bringing a date to watch you indulge.

But--if you want to get a tattoo later on,  here's a list of the top ten tattoo and piercing shops in ABQ.

6. Wedding Chapel

Yes, it can happen.  Love at first sight.  You look into each other's eyes and know that you want to spend the rest of your lives together (never happened to me, however).  So feel it?  Yes!  Do something about it? No.  Do not go to a wedding chapel on your first date. 

The Celebration of Love Wedding Chapel is a place for the madly in love and perhaps a little insane. 

You can enter the chapel, but there's even a drive up window for those in a hurry to get married (but no shotguns allowed). And if you can't even want to wait around for the drive-though, you can order a home delivered ceremony.

There is a licensed wedding official who performs the marriage ceremony. And the price of love? Chapel Wedding Ceremonies - $200.00 Drive - Thru Ceremonies - $200.00 Off-Site Ceremonies - Starting at $250.00. Call (505) 243-5683 to arrange your on-the-spot vows.