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The 8 Most Underrated Things About Portland

By BethanyK 04/22/2015

Portland News

Everyone who comes to Portland knows about Powell's, Voodoo, Forest Park, and the famous (infamous?) hipster culture. But Portland's true treasures are less obvious. Here are a few things tourists, transplants, and even many locals overlook.

Any bookstore that isn't Powell's


Contrary to popular opinion, Powell's is not the only good bookstore in the city. Find some treasures (and most likely better prices) at Bingo Used Books, Cameron's Books, and Daedalus Books and Music.



"The weather sucks in Portland, it rains all the TIME," people say. Well, the rain means green grass and trees, clean air, plenty of water, and extra cozy coffee shops. But also, it doesn't always rain here. Portland's perfect 80-degree cloudless summer is one of the most underestimated things around.

Ruby Jewel Scoops


While everyone's flocking to wait in Salt & Straw's hour-long lines, you can head over to Ruby Jewel Scoops, which has just as interesting flavors and HELLO HOMEMADE ICE CREAM SANDWICHES. 

The actual locals


Contrary to popular opinion, not all Portland locals are cooler-than-thou hipsters or pretentious people who will hunt you down if you use a plastic grocery bag. Most Portland locals are extremely friendly, and will kindly help you on your path to adjusting to the Portland way of life. 

The Tea Culture

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Yeah yeah yeah, Portland knows how to do coffee. But did you also know we also have tea down to an art? Discover a whole new level of tea drinking at one of Portland's many tea shops, including Tea Chai Te, Tao of Tea, and The Tea Zone.

Mount Tabor Park

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Head over to Mount Tabor for a peaceful walk, invigorating jog, or picnic on its many forest trails. This beautiful spot is always overshadowed by the nearby famed Forest Park.

Hoyt Arboretum


Hoyt Arboretum actually connects with Forest Park, but is another beautiful area of trails and wildlife overlooked due to the nation's largest urban park.

The Portland Farmer's Market


Especially in the summer, people flock to the Portland Saturday Market on the Waterfront for their share of roasted nuts, tie-dye t-shirts, hand-carved flutes, and greasy food. But head up Broadway to instead pick up some fresh produce from the less-hyped Portland Farmer's Market