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The Most Overrated Things in New Mexico

There is a lot to love about New Mexico. Still, not everything lives up to the hype. While it's easy to talk up our terrific territory - it's always been a bit taboo to point out our imperfections. 

But, just maybe, it's our imperfections that make places like 'Burque so quirky. 

Don't Hate the Players - Hate the Game

Harvard is Happy. Via AP.

We love our Lobos, but last years NCAA Tournament loss to Harvard was a hard hit. So much so that Dennis Latta, long time Lobos sports writer actually quit his job to move to Florida, writing:

"I thought this team was different. I was convinced that this Lobo team was for real. It had experience, a good front line and a good backcourt and good chemistry and was smart. I was wrong."

Latta vowed never to attend another Lobos basketball game again. 


When Our Mountains Look Ugly

Albuquerque, Sandia Mountains. Via gorostiza.

Ah, our Sandia (translation: Watermelon) Mountains. Named so because of their pinkish hues and dark watermelon seed-like dots at dusk. Taking a trip on the Tram at sunset is a sure way to experience the full beauty of Sandia. 

The rest of the time - it's just, well, a mountain. 

And somedays, it's kinda raggedy and ugly.

Snob Hill

Nob Hill, Albuquerque. Via A Daily Dose of Rose.

Albuquerque's Nob Hill. We love the stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and sleek modern living spaces, but most New Mexicans can only afford to window shop.

So, maybe it's not overrated, just overpriced? 

Land of Mañana

"Scarlett." Via Magneto Bold Too. 

The truth? Some of us (okay, me) really love the laid back, "I'll think about that tomorrow," New Mexican philosophy. 

Sadly, your boss (okay, mine) probably doesn't. 

Roadrunners Rampage

Roadrunners, New Mexico's state bird are pretty darn cute when they are flitting across the road or hopping over neighborhood fences. 

When are they not so cute? When they're viciously attacking your small animals. 

Not cool Roadrunners. Not cool.  

Feel the Burn

Via fitsugar.com.

We used to be the Sunshine State until Florida stole our moniker - but sunshine is overrated. 

You'd think our kids would be outside all day every day in the summer time, but you try to slide down a playground slide at 2 p.m. in July and tell me how that goes. 

Green Chile Catastrophe

Ha! Gotcha. 

Welcome to New Mexico, U.S.A.

"Welcome to New Mexico." Artist, Meka, 2013. Via postersandprintsblog.com.  

We get it. Somebody FINALLY figured out we're a state. 


Big Rock Casino, Eapanola, New Mexico. Via hookedongolfblog.com. 

Casinos in New Mexico are tantamount to Starbucks in California - it feels like there is one on every corner, you pay a lot into it, and you get little out of it, but somehow you find yourself going back for more. 

The Greening of New Mexico

Via dukecityfix.com.


None Transit

Via smartercities.tumblr.com.

Has your ABQ Ride bus ever arrived on time? Why does it take 30 minutes to get from Montgomery and Wyoming to Montaño and Coors?

Not to mention our rural towns with no public transit whatsoever. 


Yes, we were all addicted when "Breaking Bad" was on the air but it's over. Move on. Get over it. 

The Sad Corners

Note the drive to nowhere, the long line to stand in four states at once, the nose picking peeps, the sweaty brows, and the no dogs allowed sign. 

La Plaza

"La Plaza in Santa Fe." Via Karma-Dharma-Bhutadaya.blogspot.com. 

Yup. That's the Santa Fe Plaza. Pretty much the whole thing.