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The 12 Most Minnesotan Drinks You'll Find In The Twin Cities

By stephgust 02/11/2014

Twin Cities News

The Twin Cities boasts an abundance of talented bartenders, able to whip up a tasty Bloody Mary at a moment's notice. But if you're sick of the usual martini and want something a little more interesting, you might want to try out one of the following Minnesota-themed drinks:

12. Harmon District Twinkle

Lori Erickson on Flickr

The Harmon District was, at one time, the heart of Minneapolis' automotive scene. Butcher & The Boar's nod to the historic district features an appealing combination of elderflower liquour, Prosecco sparkling wine and Finlandia vodka.

11. Hennepin Avenue Manhattan

Tom Wallace for Star Tribune

If Butcher & The Boar's Harmon District Twinkle is a bit too sweet for your palette, consider ordering the bar's distinctive Hennepin Avenue Manhattan. You'll be greeted by an appealing combination of vermouth, elderflower, bitters and macerated cherries. 

10. Hennepin Avenue

Gregory Parks on Flickr

Speaking of drinks named after Hennepin Avenue...it's high time you hit up Nye's Polonaise. The popular bar's Hennepin-themed martini includes B&B, Absolut, lime juice and a hint of grenadine. Other favorites at Nye's include the Nordeaster Martini and the Blue Monday.

9. St. Paul Winter Carnival

St. Paul Grill on Facebook

The annual St. Paul Winter Carnival may be over, but you can still enjoy a taste of winter wonder at the St. Paul Grill. One of several featured dessert drinks, the St. Paul Winter Carnival will satisfy your sweet tooth with its perfect combination of hot cocoa, coffee, Bailey's, Tia Maria and, of course, whipped cream.

8. Polar Vortex

Eat Street Social on Facebook

You cherish such fond memories of the 2014 Polar Vortex, so why not honor Minnesota's crazy weather with an eponymous beverage from Eat Street Social?

7. The Great Halloween Blizzard Of 1991

La Belle Vie on Facebook

The Polar Vortex is just one of several local drinks named after Minnesota's wretched weather patterns. Created as part of a Minnesota Monthly challenge, La Belle Vie's Great Halloween Blizzard of 1991 features a delectable mix of whiskey, apple schnapps, sparkling cider, bitters and apple slices. Not included: the pillowcase full of Snickers and Skittles that made your snowy trick-or-treat journey definitely worth the hassle.

6. Frozen Stiff

Donnie Dirk's on Facebook

A good play on words is always appreciated while ordering drinks, so of course, Donnie Dirk's Frozen Stiff should elicit your admiration. And with a nice mix of E&J, creme de cacao and ice cream, this beverage is clearly deserving of its clever name.

5. Purple Rain

Flavor Wire

Campus Pizza boasts several Tribute to Prince drinks, including, of course, the iconic Purple Rain. If you're a fan of Minnesota's most memorable pop star, you'll love this funky mix of Mothers Grape Schnapps, Absolut Citrus and lemonade.

4. Raspberry Beret

Campus Pizza

Another Prince-themed drink that, given his notorious aversion to alcohol, our boy would never actually consume. As you might expect, Campus Pizza's Raspberry Beret is a decidedly fruity concoction, complete with Mothers Raspberry Schnapps, Smirnoff Raspberry and Chambord.

3. Norwegian Negroni

Gaz Regan

Nordic-style drinks are unfortunately scarce in the Twin Cities. Fortunately, Cafe Maude picks up the slack with the Norwegian Negroni, featuring Aperol, aquavit and vermouth. 

2. The Great Gatsby

City Pages

The Marvel Bar boasts two excellent nods to F. Scott Fitzgerald, one of Minnesota's greatest treasures. The Fitzgerald is a lemony concoction, while the Great Gatsby is made from Benedictine, aged whiskey, apricot liqueur and a hint of salt.

1. The Bootleg

Garnish With Lemon

The Bootleg is essentially the cocktail version of the Jucy Lucy -- a Minnesota classic for which everybody wants to take credit. Local bartenders are reluctant to give away the exact ingredient list, although fans assume that the drink includes lemon, lime, club soda and hard liquor. You'll find this tasty beverage at pretty much any suburban country club in the Twin Cities, with recommended versions including those concocted at the White Bear Yacht Club and Wayzata's Woodhill Country Club.

What's your favorite Twin Cities cocktail? Feel free to share it in the comments section below! When you're done, head to Stephanie's Newscast to learn more about Minnesota's culinary delights.