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The 10 Most Annoying Things About Packer Fans

By stephgust 09/23/2014

Twin Cities News

The Green Bay Packers are constantly applauded for having the best fans in the NFL. And it's true -- the cheeseheads are loyal to a fault. But they are also incredibly annoying, particularly when bad news strikes for the Vikings. Listed below are just a few of the many ways Packer fans manage to irritate their purple brethren:

1. They take way too much pride in a worthless piece of paper.

Total Packers

There is absolutely no financial benefit to investing in Green Bay stock. But that doesn't stop legions of crazy Wisconsinites from throwing away their money. 

2. We get it...Lambeau is cold!

Packer Time

Believe it or not, the cheeseheads are not the only NFL fans to suffer through cold weather for the sake of their team. The Patriots and the Bears certainly aren't impressed when Packer fans boast about their cold weather sacrifices.

3. Packer fans don't know how to dress for the weather.

The Big Lead

Speaking of cold weather...Green Bay fans are often more interested in attracting attention than in staving off frostbite. Why wear a jacket when beer will keep you warm?

4. They made an annoying song even worse with their 'Like a G6' parody.

Almost as bad as 'Teach Me How To Bucky.'

5. Terrible hospitality.

Total Packers

Suffice to say, Packer fans and Vikings selfies do not mix.

6. The burning hatred of ex-Packers.

Busted Coverage

Vikings fans take it for granted that, eventually, they will wind up with the Packers' sloppy seconds. It's easy to understand why cheeseheads would find it unpleasant to see their former favorites donning purple uniforms, but really, the resulting animosity against the likes of Brett Favre and Greg Jennings has been a bit excessive.

7. Clay Matthews obsession.


It's hard to say what is more obnoxious: Clay Matthews' hair, or his infamous pose. Packer fans adore the linebacker and make a point of drunkenly copying his antics every Sunday.

8. They are WAY too optimistic.


Vikings fans are, by nature, pessimistic. Packer backers are the opposite. There's no use talking stats with Green Bay fans -- they'll continue to insist that their team is the absolute best, even when they're in the midst of a mediocre season. This cheery (and often, smug) demeanor is annoying, at best, and downright infuriating at worst.

9. "How many Super Bowls have the Vikings won?"

Mock Session

If you're going to tease a Packer fan about the latest big upset, be prepared to hear this overused comeback.

10. They can actually back up their trash talk.

Perhaps the worst thing about the aforementioned Super Bowl insult is that it's true. It's easy to scoff at Packer fans when they're at the bottom of the NFC North, but when they're winning (as has often been the case these last few decades) it's just a reminder of all the ways in which the Vikings make fandom incredibly painful.