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Ten Signs You Are Really a New Mexican

There are some things only a New Mexican can understand. And even if you're a transplant, certain things get into your blood. 

1. You have a freezer full of bagged green chile

Flickr/Joe Hall

Some New Mexicans even have a freezer with nothing BUT roasted chile. Either way, the goal is to have enough to get through until next chile roasting season.

2. You do the happy dance when it rains

Because the feeling is kinda...special. You also make sure none of the faucets drip, and put in as much xeriscaping as possible around your house.

3. You go out regularly with a guy named Blake

And often give directions using Blake's as a landmark, as in "Continue west on Lead, past the Blake's, until you reach Carlisle."

4. You know who Zozobra is, and have no qualms about watching him burn

Flickr/Steve Terrell

Old Man Gloom burns away the cares and worries of thousands of New Mexicans every September. Not a one of us feels guilty about his pain.

5. You have a folder on your computer labeled 'Sunsets'



6. You send fresh chile to friends and family out of state

Flickr/Bill Bumgarner

Because they need them and you feel for their loss. If you're out of state yourself, you have friends and family in New Mexico ship them to you.

7. Decorating for Christmas means pulling out brown paper lunch bags

Flickr/Tony Klesert

It also means locating sand, and grabbing votive candles at Walgreens before they run out.

8. You've been to the Balloon Fiesta more than a few times

© Aileen O'Catherine

You still get excited every October, planning for which day you'll wake at the crack's crack to get there. Your out of state relatives and friends visit you during Balloon Fiesta.

9. You know whether you want red or green

Flickr/Dawn Loh

Or Christmas, for that matter.

10. You can't wait for aroma season to arrive

Flickr/Larry Lamsa

Especially if you've run out of frozen chile. See #1. You get the 25 pound bag. Again, see #1. 

When not buying, you park your car near the roaster at the grocery store just to get a whiff. Or you roll down your window when driving past the roasters on street corners.