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Taco Tryouts: Where Are The Best Tacos in Albuquerque?

Various famous-for-tacos cultures cross in Albuquerque, not to mention two major highways that basically run the length of our great nation. I guess you could say this place is a trading post of sorts for cuisine from all over, and what is the dish that most New Mexicans prefer? Why Tacos of course. 

Lets take a look at some of the finest tacos in the world, served fresh on your 505 plate and anyway you like them.

10. O'Niell's Pub


Check here for one of Albuquerque's gem of a restaurant, plus one of the healthiest fish taco plate's in town. Seriously, they are actually good for you.

9. Taqueria Mexico


Check here if you want to get nostalgic about authentic Mexican cuisine. Friendly and accommodating staff and amazing service compliments the classy atmosphere.

8. Taco Sal's


Check here for truly authentic New Mexican cuisine and a great place for quick take out. Quick AND delicious tacos, that's what we are all looking for.

7. Acapulco Taco


Check here for a great place for a quick lunch break, or a meal for the whole family. This place really churns out quality tacos.

6. Monroe's


Check here for that New Mexico comfort food that just makes you feel great. Friendly and family owned with an excellent atmosphere and incredible tacos. Don't forget the incredible salsa. 

5. Tacos Mex Y Mariscos


Check here for a place that has nothing but 5 star ratings from all of its reviewers. Don't forget to add avocado!

4. Ben Michael's


Check here for an experience like none other. You literally feel as if you were an invited and beloved guest to Ben's place. Live music, family atmosphere, and fresh grown organic food literally directly form his backyard. Ben is also a retired pharmacist and still maintains his practice, so you know what he is cooking is good for what ails you.

3. Zacateca's Tacos and Tequila


Check here for a fine dining taco plate washed down with some of the finest tequila outside the private stock of the cartel.

2. Sharky's


Definitely Check here for the best marisco experience you've had to date. This place will simply knock your socks off with their fish and shrimp tacos, or try the fish burger or burrito and wash it down with a Jaritos. It's all good at Sharky's

1. The Last Call

Check here for some of the best Baja cuisine this side of the border. Not to mention a serious contender in the taco trade. Tuesdays and Thursdays are also, 1$ fish taco night. Winner.