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Signs You're a New Mexico Hipster

There's one in every group of friends. And if you don't know who it is...it's you.

You wore a bolo tie before Macklemore

via ABQ Newscastic Facebook

You own at least two, actually.

You were in Breaking Bad before it got big

via AMC

This episode premiered in 2010, but wasn't nearly as popular then as it was during the last season. You can probably spot you or someone you know in this episode, titled "No Mas." Look at you, so ahead of the curve!

Your green chile is organic

via flikr.com/photos/twistedstringknits

And your vegan tamales are THE BOMB.

You swing dance

via abqjournal.com

Maybe you even wear your vintage clothes to dance.

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Your beer of choice is from one of these local microbreweries

Chama River? Marble Brewery? La Cumbre? You know them all.

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You want to or have participated in the Ride of Silence

via flikr.com/photos/larry1732

Hosted by the Duke City Wheelmen, this is a ride that happens annually to honor cyclists who have been killed by cars. The Duke City Wheelmen also raise awareness for and provide training in bike safety and give helmets to kids. 

You "ironically" like Chipotle

via flikr.com/photos/ishane

Even though they don't have real mexican food (and they don't even have green chile. C'mon guys. Even the McDonalds in New Mexico have green chile).