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New Mexico's "Big Sky" stars Bella Thorne, Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick and Bella Thorne's new movie is called "Big Sky," so naturally it's made in New Mexico. The film commenced principal photography in Albuquerque in October and was filming for three weeks.

According to the blog Oneheadlightink.com, the film would employ 40 New Mexico crew members, 10 New Mexico actors and background talent.

Despite it's Disney Channel star, "Big Sky" sounds action-packed: A mother and her daughter, who suffers from agoraphobia, travel to a treatment center in the desert and are attacked by gunmen along the way. Teenage Hazel (Thorne) must fight her own demons to survive.

"Big Sky" is Mexican filmmaker Jorge Michel Grau's English-language feature-film debut.

Based on an original screenplay by Evan Wiener ("Monogamy" 2010), "Big Sky" is described as a "neo-Hitchcockian thriller" that turns on a mother and daughter who are forced to fight for their lives under harsh conditions.

The film is schedule for release sometime in 2014.

Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick, who plays mom Dee, is best known for her role as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson in TNT's "The Closer" (2005-2012). She won a Golden Globe Award in 2007 and an Emmy Award in 2010 for her role in the series.

She also stared in "The Possession" (2012) and "Man on a Ledge" (2012).

Frank Grillo and Aaron Tveit

Frank Grillo, who starred in "End of Watch" (2012), "Zero Dark Thirty" (2012) and will be in upcoming "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" plays the male lead in the film along with "Les Miserables" Aaron Tveit.

The pair play brothers Jesse (Grillo) and Pru (Tveit).

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne starred on Disney Channel's "Shake It Up!" (2010-2013) about two Chicago teens trying to become professional dancers and be on TV.

But in "Big Sky": "I play Hazel, the lead character, who suffers from agoraphobia and severe panic attacks," she told Teen Vogue from the film's location in Albuquerque. "In the movie, she's on her way to a facility to help handle her issues when she runs into big trouble."

On-location photos

Thorne seems to have enjoyed her time in New Mexico and posted photos to her Instagram during the experience.

Thorne's boyfriend tweets about sharing her with N.M.

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