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New Mexico State Basketball Team vs Utah Valley, Brawl. Via YouTube. 

New Mexico Could TOTALLY Take Your State

Everything's bigger in Texas and California and New York boast plenty of street cred. But it's time to set the record straight:

New Mexico could kick your states a**.

We Can Take the Heat

Roasted New Mexico Green Chile.

Our summer months boast over 100 degree temperatures. Yet, we happily snack on spicy Hatch chiles wrapped in homemade tortillas.

Oh, yeah, our state can take whatever heat you can dish.

We are Always Up for a Bar Brawl

New Mexico's famous microbrews are high in flavor, and sometimes, in hops. 

With our incredible homegrown brews - it's a safe bet that when the weekend rolls in, we're inebriated, uninhibited, and ready for a good ol' fashion bar brawl.

Bring it. 

We Have High Altitude Stamina

Elevations of 5,000 feet plus don't stop us from strenuous mountain hikes, backcountry camping, hardcore marathons, and a number of other strenuous athletic events. 

While you're suffering from altitude sickness or feeling sluggish from our thin mountain air, we've already gotten our second wind. 

If we can maintain stamina in high altitudes - just imagine what we can accomplish at sea level.

We are Multilingual

James Junes. Photo by Augusta Liddic. Via The Daily Times. 

New Mexico is the only state in the U.S. with two official languages, English and Spanish. 

This doesn't include our incredible wealth of Native American languages, such as Navajo. While the last of our Navajo Code Talkers passed away - the Navajo language lives on in a big way with the Navajo dubbed version of the iconic movie Star Wars.

Our state could take your state simply because you'll have no idea what we are saying. Maybe it's time you took up a second language? 

We are Family

Via iStock.  

True fact. You don't have to be related to be a primo here in the Land of Enchantment. Once family, always family. 

In New Mexico, blood is thicker than water. After all, The University of New Mexico isn't called the 'University Near' Mom for nothing.

When the chips are down our motto is ride or die

We Detonated the First Atomic Bomb

Just think about it. 

We Have Hantavirus and the Plague and are STILL Alive

Yes, yes we would survive the Zombie Apocalypse. 

Have You Seen Breaking Bad?