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Albuquerque Through Food and Culture

The Albuquerque area is chock full of both food and culture. With a history filled with three-hundred years of the blending of the Ancient Puebloans and Spanish settlers, Albuquerque's cuisine is a delicious culmination of both cultures topped off with its own unique twist. The Native American Pueblos still continue to keep their culture alive in New Mexico by holding feast days in celebration of the past and hope for the future. Of course, these feasts held throughout the year in different locations, consists of plenty of traditional Pueblo food modernized with today's local ingredients.

Green Chile Stew

Green chiles are a staple on many New Mexico dinner tables, and when Hatch chiles, particularly, are in season, locals and visitors rally to purchase them in bunches. They come in mild to hot, and are wonderful for this area's traditional stews, like Green Chile stew. Green Chile stew is a warm delicious bowl of history mixed with the present culture's love for chiles. This beautiful bowl is courtesy of chef and author, Cheryl Alters Jamison, and celebrates the Pueblo of Acoma, one of the area's most breathtaking sites and ancient settlements. Albuquerque is known for its small town charm and cultural sophistication. It is a city graced with down home diners, mom and pop restaurants, among some of the finest restaurants and cafes in the Southwest. From a huge portion of tamales, rice and beans, a pairing of Native American and Spanish recipes, to the delicate modern cuisine of Doc Martin's further north of Albuquerque in Taos. 

Spanish and Native American Tamales, Rice and Beans

Doc Martin's Modern Eclectic Cuisine

New Mexico chefs have truly been moving to the forefront of the "foodie" scene in the U.S., bringing to the world the flavors of the Land of Enchantment. Mark Miller of Coyote Cafe, Brian Knox of Aqua Santa, and James Campbell Caruso of La Boca, and Taberna La Boca, are just a few of the chefs turning New Mexico into a mecca of great cuisine. What we have here in the Duke City area and beyond, is an eclectic cuisine that can rival any food culture in the world. The cuisine of New Mexico is filled with the tastes and color of its past and present cultures. The history and foods of the Native Pueblos and the Spanish have been combined to create something new and special. 

Beef Tongue and Cheeks Expertly Braised at La Boca

Traditional Fish Tacos With a Twist From Restaurant Martin

When visiting the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area, keep your mind and taste buds open to the diversity of flavors and cultural combinations in the cuisine. Just by choosing a restaurant or small diner, and asking a few questions about the menu, you can end up with an unforgettable meal and a bit of history.