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Insane Eating Challenges in Albuquerque

Alright, Albuquerque. It's time to belly up to some over-the-top and insanely decadent eating challenges that you can try yourself, right here in town. There may not be many of them in the Duke City but what they lack in numbers they more than make up for in size. Check out these monstrous meals that will challenge even the hungriest Burqueño. You might want to put on your stretchy pants for this one.

Travis on a Silver Platter - K&I Diner


The story goes that a trucker named Travis came in to Grandma Warner's K&I Diner back in 1971, asking the kitchen to throw together a platter to appease his considerable appetite. Now the dish has evolved into an infamous food challenge, even drawing in Adam Richman to film an episode of 'Man v. Food Nation' at the South Valley diner. The Travis on a Silver Platter is a gargantuan-sized burrito of seasoned beef and beans with red chile. It's rolled in three flour tortillas and topped with green chile, cheese, lettuce, tomato and then piled high with hot, crispy fries. It's pretty intimidating with its mountain of fries and a final weight of around 8 pounds but if you finish all of it within one hour, your meal is free and your picture goes up on the wall. If you can't finish, you'll be out about $24 for your efforts.

Grandma Warner's K&I Diner - 2500 Broadway Blvd SE

Stuffed Sopaipilla Challenge - Sadie's


Sadie's of New Mexico is already known for their ridiculously generous portions but they take it over the top with the Stuffed Sopaipilla Challenge. Weighing in at 7 pounds, it's more or less the same as their regular stuffed sopa only upping the volume of cheese and chile. If you're up for it, you'll get your own special seating area (complete with a chuck bucket, just in case) and an hour. Finish the gigantic platter within 60 minutes and your meal is free. You'll go home with a certificate, a shirt, and a jar of Sadie's salsa. Your picture goes up on the wall of fame and you'll have all the pride and glory that comes with downing 7 pounds of glorious stuffed sopaipilla goodness.

Sadie's of New Mexico - multiple locations

Fireman's Burrito Challenge - Cecilia's Cafe

Sound the alarm for the biggest food challenge in Albuquerque. The Fireman's Burrito Challenge weighs in at 10 pounds. Yes, I said 10 pounds. Cecilia's Cafe gives you 90 minutes and you'll probably need every last second to work your way through this massive cheese and chile-drenched monster of a burrito. Seriously, it looks like a small child wrapped in a tortilla blanket. Now get ready for the contents of the burrito: 10 eggs, 2 pounds of potatoes, one and a half pounds of beans, and half a pound each of bacon, sausage, chicharrones, cheese, and red and green chile. It costs $30 unless you finish the entire burrito within the 90-minute time limit. Good luck with that.

Cecilia's Cafe - 230 6th St SW

Chillz Challenge - Chillz Frozen Custard

With easily the coldest food challenge in Albuquerque, Chillz Frozen Custard offers an overly decadent dose of their custard for those brave enough to go for it. The challenge is simple enough: 8 scoops, 8 waffles, 8 toppings, 30 minutes. But don't let the simplicity fool you. The scoops are ginormous--each one the size of a softball. The 30-minute time limit doesn't leave much room for messing around. If you can power through and finish in a half hour, the frozen treat is free. Otherwise, you'll have to dish out $30. Winners also get a shirt and their picture on the wall of fame--and probably a tummy ache.

Chillz Frozen Custard - 2720 Central Ave SE