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11 Signs Windy Season Has Come to New Mexico

Spring in the Land of Enchantment can be beautiful. But when the spring winds kick in, some things are a given.

1. Tumbleweeds are back

In New Mexico, it's the tumbleweeds, not the chickens, that cross the road. 

2. Going outside has its risks

Spring breezes can be found anywhere, but in New Mexico, the winds can be fierce. 

3. The air takes on a twinge of dust

Dust gets into everything, inside and out. Open the door to let the cat in, and other things come with it.

4. Trees seem to spit blooms

The blossoms are pretty, but on windy days, beware. 

5. Hair refuses to stay in place

No amount of gel can save you. The only way to counteract it is to wear a hood or a hat.

6. Walking can be a challenge

Whether walking into the wind or away from it, on a particularly windy day, it'll get you.

7. Oversized trucks are a hazard

Swaying and fishtailing are a given. The larger the vehicle, the larger the sway.

8. Sneezing begins as allergy season kicks in

Even if you don't have allergies, the dust can cause this reaction.

9. The house rattles and rocks

Noises can be hard to identify, and become a mystery of what needs to be fixed.

10. Wind power seems like a great idea

Why not put all that blowing around to work?

11. The kites come out

Because in the end, kids know how to make any situation fun.