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How Albuquerque Reacts to a Snow Storm

By chris 11/25/2013

Albuquerque News

We don't get too much snow in Albuquerque but when it does people here freak out! 

Upon first hearing about a snow storm, our first instinct is to panic.

Because we know this is how traffic is going to be.

But because it's Albuquerque, any snow means a snow day (or at least a snow delay)!

Suddenly we're celebrating because snow essentially means a day off!

First thing first - make sure you have enough green chile to survive the snow apocalypse.


Then, update the Netflix queue with a day's worth of nerd-viewing material.


But it doesn't stop snowing and we realize this storm is serious.

Panic then re-ensues.

But because we're from Albuquerque, we're probably overreacting.

We imagine playing in the snow like this...

But in reality...

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves what the white wet stuff is on the ground.

While parts of the state do get blanketed in snow...

This is usually what we get in ABQ.

The Great New Mexico Snow Storm `13! We made it through! This picture does it justice...Follow