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"Central Avenue Revisited" by Tim Anderson, via Flickr

Guide to Albuquerque's Nob Hill

When was the last time you went out to eat somewhere you’d never been before? I know those nights are few and far between for me. But Albuquerque is filled with many amazing locally-owned restaurants, tucked into the quaintest of neighborhoods, so enough with the excuses! We are embarking on a mission to provide you with some great ideas for your next adventure out. 

Now, I know everyone knows about Nob Hill. I know everyone knows all about Frontier, Saggio’s, and Nob Hill Bar and Grill. And you’ve probably at least heard of most of the other little places that fill the sides of the streets that warn you to look both ways—but how many have you actually been to?

The following are good places to start, in my humble opinion.  

Street Food Asia

via nmgastronome.com

I first tried this place about a year and a half ago because I found them on Groupon. While the menu is quite overwhelming on your first visit, don’t worry, because you can’t go wrong. This place is always full of happy looking people, and that’s no mistake. Get the dumplings. Get the Bangkok anything. Try the Pad Thai, because that is some of the best I’ve had since leaving L.A. Also, check Groupon before you go in, because chances are they’re running a special. Yes, you can thank me later. I’ll wait. 


via placitaproductions.blogspot.com

If you’re like me, maybe you’ve driven by Kelly’s a thousand times and thought about going in one day. I recently finally made my way into the former gas station of the Route 66 cruising days and found myself charmed by its atmosphere and history. Kelly’s embraces its building’s official historic status, incorporating many design elements specific to the building’s history as a Jones Motor Company building and one of the first gas stations westbound Route 66 travelers found upon entering Albuquerque. It feels like a privilege to sit at their tables placed among wide open garage doors, and a glance at the old memorabilia that serve as the décor is like a blast back in time. Why I hadn’t been here sometime before, I don’t know. 

Bistronomy B2B

via bistronomyb2b.com

If you like a great Angus burger made from local, grass fed, free range, fresh meat, boy, do I have the place for you. B2B boasts premium, humanely handled, and hormone and antibiotic free beef. Did you know that grass-fed, humanely treated cows are healthier to consume than corn-fed, mass produced ones? What a funny thing. Another thing B2B has is a ton of local New Mexico beers on tap. This little place will surely boost your mood with their fresh, local food and drink, and their great and friendly service. 

Monte Vista

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Okay, okay, I know that Monte V is, like, totally the hip place to meet up with all your college friends and awkwardly run into old high school acquaintances. Everyone goes to Monte Vista. This is old news—why am I even bringing it up? 

I feel it’s rather important to ask how many people have actually gone and had a sit-down meal here. Yes, I see the show of hands has dwindled. And if yours is still up, feel free to skip ahead—you know the quality of the food to expect here. 

I’ll keep it brief: the food is amazing. Amaze-balls, if you will. If you like red chile, they’ve got a red chile mac and cheese dish that is sure to blow any and all expectations you have of red chile or mac and cheese. I find it hard to go there anymore without ordering it—and I’m normally a green chile kind of girl. 


via 10best.com

I had to tack Beeps at the end of this list even though, I know, I know, it’s not a restaurant. It’s fine. Once you’ve had your fill eating wherever you choose to eat nearby, pop your head in here. It’s such a fun shop I’d even recommend taking a first date in here. Now that’s a bold suggestion. But Beeps has something for everyone, whether it’s a creepy bag of eyeballs, a one-of-a-kind teapot, or a book fit for your coffee table.  

I know that there are a hundred other charming locales not only in Albuquerque as a whole, but also just in Nob Hill alone. These just scratch the surface. Got more suggestions? Note them down. Maybe I haven’t heard of one. Maybe I’ll be waiting by my computer to find out where I’m going to spend next Saturday night. Maybe your favorite place will show up on the next list…