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Food New Mexico Does Better Than Anyone Else

New Mexico does amazing food. We have so much it has its own zeitgeist.

New Mexico Food Philosophy 101: If I always order the same # burrito from Golden Pride, what does that say about me? Does it work like a horoscope?

Green Chile Cheeseburger

New Mexico True

We invented it. It's ours. We have a Trail that takes you through the state in search of it, like the Holy Grail. 

Bobby Flay lost against San Antonio's Buckhorn Tavern in the Food Network's green chile cheeseburger throwdown challenge. 

No one in New Mexico was surprised.

Indian Tacos and Fry Bread

At the New Mexico State Fair Indian Village, look for the lines.

At feast days in Santo Domingo, Santa Ana, Acoma and other New Mexico pueblos, look for the lines.

At Indian Market, look for the lines.

The lines are a secret message in universal code: Indian tacos.


Eric Dickman/Flickr

Take a pig, find a grill/pit and add heat. Stick a fork in it when done. 


The annual Matanza in Belen is the world's largest. 

Picture 40 pigs and 25 teams cooking the whole hog--and you with one golden ticket. 

Eat your fill till the food runs out. Dream about next year.


Its name stands up and says, hey, I'm not just a cookie. I'm the official cookie of New Mexico!

Top Secret (hush hush): At Golden Crown Panaderia in Albuquerque, you get one just for walking in the door.

Breakfast Burrito


New Mexico Food Philosophy 102: Is a breakfast burrito eaten in the afternoon still a breakfast burrito, or has it become a 'breakfast burrito in the afternoon'?

Are eggs the essential ingredient that make breakfast modify burrito? 

Carne Adovada


Red chile sauce. Pork. If you're blessed, a nearby tortilla.

Philosophy 200: Do the people behind the counter at the Frontier believe in nirvana? 

Do the staff at El Patio know they're in a waking dream?


We say sopas, but what we really mean is sop a it up.  

New Mexico Food Philosophy 300: What restaurant makes the best sopapillas? 

1 minute. Discuss.

Green Chile Stew


New Mexico should have a State Stew. Why not, it has everything else--cookie, question, tree (with pinons)! 

Do we love green chile stew enough to push for legislation? Will it ever get its due?

Green. Chile. Stew.


po so le  noun (\po-'so-(?)la\): this official New Mexican pot luck dish is especially popular at New Year's, when eating it is said to bring good luck.


Trick question: If they are so hard to make, where can I get them?

Trick answer: El Modelo.

Chile Sauce

Wisconsin has fried cheese curds. How sad.

Albuquerque’s green chile sauce was voted the #1 iconic food by readers of USA Today and 10Best. 

No surprise. Just look at that plate. It could do pushups.

Further Philosophy, aka Food for Thought

You've heard about that iconic Tex-Mex dish, the frito pie.

New Mexico Food Philosophy for extra credit: Do we do it better? Should it even be on this list? 

Did it really get invented at the Woolworth's lunch counter in Santa Fe? 

Weigh in at the comments section below.

Frito Pie

Anthony Bourdain said it felt like warm **** in a bag.

He also deemed it delicious. 

Frito pie: very yin/yang.

That's some zeitgeist.