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England vs. Uruguay World Cup preview

By fbihop 06/19/2014

Albuquerque News

In one of the tougher groups of the World Cup, England and Uruguay are fighting for survival in Group D. England lost to Italy 2-1 while Uruguay was upset by Costa Rica 3-1. Uruguay’s loss was one of the biggest surprises of the tournament. England’s 2-1 loss to Italy wasn't a surprise but it did put England behind the 8-ball.

What to watch

Luis Suarez vs. Daniel Sturridge. Suarez was the leading scorer in Barclay’s English Premier League and Sturridge was second. 

Both played for Liverpool and were among the best forwards in the league. 

England is between generations. The so-called Golden Generation didn't result in any titles or serious runs at championships. Uruguay is just off of a semifinal appearance and seeing if they can continue their run on an international level.