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Burqueños and Our Beer: Why the Obsession with Microbreweries?

We all have our own reasons for loving our local breweries. Maybe they have our favorite beer or provide an after-work escape. Breweries are where we go to see a new band, catch up with old friends, and eat from some of the best food trucks in town. So when another brewery decides to give it a go in the Duke City, we open our arms and welcome them to the growing group of Albuquerque breweries.

Here are just some of the reasons we love our local breweries.

Award-winning beer

Congratulations are in order for some Albuquerque breweries that took home big awards at this year's Great American Beer Festival. Winners in various categories included Bosque Brewing Co., Canteen Brewhouse, and Chama River Brewing Co. The big winner this year was Marble Brewery, taking home gold for both their Double White and Imperial Red ales, and earning the title Small Brewery of the Year.

Food trucks

Some breweries serve up their own superb dishes--the chicken and waffles at Nexus Brewery are particularly excellent--but oftentimes breweries invite food trucks to park curbside to feed the hungry beer-drinking masses. Try pairing a burger from Rustic Food Truck with a Haymaker Honey Wheat from Tractor or Supper Truck's shrimp and grits with Marble Brewery's Double White and you'll see why food trucks and breweries are a match made in hops heaven.


For when you want to try a little bit of everything, there are flights. Usually a sample of around six different brews, they're a great way to learn what you like and find your new favorite.

Higher ABV

Three little letters to keep in mind when drinking craft beers: ABV. They stand for "alcohol by volume" and, generally speaking, microbreweries usually have a few brews that run a little higher than average. Enjoy, but enjoy responsibly.


Parties on the patios reach their peak in the summer months but patios offer beer enthusiasts a place to drink and get some fresh air year round.

Live music

Beer and music are perfect companions and that's exactly why many breweries invite live bands to come serenade the crowd. From acoustic acts to full-on rock bands, live music is always a welcome sight at our breweries.

Creative beer names

There's something fun about ordering a Sleeping Dog from Chama River or a Witch's Tit from La Cumbre. Tractor typically keeps their naming system farm-oriented, like with their Haymaker Honey Wheat and Sodbuster Pale Ale.


Who doesn't like the idea of a Cheers-like bar we can escape to "where everybody knows your name?" Our local breweries always have some release party or other event going on and you're likely to run into some of the same people when you're there. It's just another reason we love our local breweries.


Ales, stouts, lagers, pilsners, ciders, IPA's... the list goes on. Every microbrewery has their takes on these classics, oftentimes more than one variation. That means there's something for everyone and it's a matter of time before you figure out your preferences and fall in love with a particular brew.

Friendly servers

If there's one thing that's consistent among all Albuquerque breweries, it's just how darn friendly their staffs are.

Seasonal favorites

Some beers come and go with the seasons. Even though we're a little sad when our favorite stout or cider gets taken out of rotation, we rest assured knowing they'll come back around.

Pet-friendly taprooms

Burqueños love their pets and their beer and that's why we love that so many taprooms allow us to bring our pets along with us.


For when you want to enjoy some quality craft brew from the comfort of your own home or if you want to be the popular one at the party, growlers are available for taking your favorite beer back with you.