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Best Albuquerque Bars to Watch the World Cup

By fbihop 06/11/2014

Albuquerque News

The World Cup kicks off with Brazil against Croatia. And over the next month, games will be going on nearly every day. So you need a place to watch it. 

Here are the best places in Albuquerque to watch the World Cup.

Turtle Mountain Brewing Co. (905 36th Place SE, Rio Rancho)

OK, right off the bat we aren’t technically in Albuquerque. But it has to be at the top of the list. It’s the only microbrewery in the state listed as an official site to watch U.S. Soccer games. They had packed houses for games throughout the 2010 World Cup in South Africa even with the big time zone difference. 

Our pals over at Dark Side Brew Crew say the new Turtle Mountain Kosmonaut Kolsch is among the best in the state and we all know there’s nothing like a good summer beer while watching sports.

Saggio's (107 Cornell Dr SE)

If there is one place where you can consistently catch soccer in Albuquerque, it’s Saggio’s. The university-area pizza and pasta spot has a bunch of big screens and it seems like there is always soccer in, no matter what time of day or time of the year. So of course, it will be packed for every game of the World Cup, especially when the United States is playing.

Two Fools Tavern (3211 Central Ave NE)

Buzzfeed named the Two Fools Tavern the best bar in New Mexico to watch the World Cup. It will certainly be up there. The Nob Hill staple is always crowded, so make sure to get there early, especially for games around lunchtime. 

And doesn't having a Fish and Chips and a pint of Guinness while watching England play just seem like how soccer should be watched?

Kelly's Brew Pub (3222 Central Ave SE)

Another place in Nob Hill to watch the games is Kelly's. You know all about the patio, but they also have a whole bunch of TVs inside where you can watch all the games. Plus, have some sweet potato fries.

Uptown Sports Bar (6601 Uptown Blvd NE)

Uptown Sports Bar might be my favorite sports bar in Albuquerque. It's connected to ABQ Brew Pub, which also isn't a bad place to have a drink. 

Uptown has food that is better than what you think of when you think about a sports bar. Plus it has enough TVs scattered around that no matter where you sit you'll have a good view of the game.

Library Bar and Grill (Library Bar and Grill SW)

Yes, it is more of a dance club at night, but the American Outlaws Albuquerque Chapter is having watch parties for all the United States games. Think of it this way: The most hardcore Unite States soccer fans you can imagine will be watching the games here. The atmosphere is sure to be crazy.

Your friend's house

You know that friend with the 55" plasma TV? Well, I hope that you're on good terms with him, because you're not going to be going out to bars and restaurants for every game. Tell him now that you're inviting yourself over for a few games. 

Oh, you're that guy with the big TV? Then you get to invite people over.

Yes, that is a picture of my house. And if you want to come over to watch some games, just bring some beer.