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Pickup Lines That Would Only Work In Albuquerque

By Isaac 11/14/2014

Albuquerque News

Pickup lines are funny, they're  awkward and they can get you a date. Trying to work your magic in the Duke City? Try one of these. (heavy sarcasm)

I have an entire freezer full of green chile back at my place.

Hey there, I bought you an extra Dion's ranch.

Hop in my car, I know a special place in town with no construction.

I couldn't help but notice your zia tattoo.

Girl you're as special as Blake's, can't find you anywhere else but here.

Baby you smell so good, like green chile roasting.

You're as beautiful as the Albuquerque sunset.

Why don't you come back to place. You can check out my new Virgin Mary tattoo.

I have VIP tickets to Balloon Fiesta.

Hop in. Lets cruise Central.

If I had to choose between watching the Lobos play and hanging out with you, I'd choose you.

If beauty was a burrito, baby, you'd be Golden Pride.