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A Dozen Things We Should Ban/Bring Back in Albuquerque for 2015

This year has been a busy one for the Land of Enchantment. Closings, openings, new freeways, new fiestas and movies. The holidays are among us so naturally it's time to reminisce about the last 365 days of 2014. What did we lose this year? What do we wish we could welcome back to the 505? Let's take a look... 

Ban: Balloon Fiesta Traffic

Photo via www.koat.com

With Paseo under construction (plus all of the tourists during the Balloon Fiesta) traffic became unfathomable. In this upcoming year, let's try to avoid the traffic apocalypse and welcome the newly opened Paseo and other routes. 

Bring Back: The Beach

Photo via www.bizjournals.com

The Beach was awesome, if you're lucky enough to remember it, well at least when it was in its prime. One indoor water park off San Mateo isn't going to cut it, we have sunshine for most of the year in this state, bring on the water. 

Bring Back: Paseo

Photo via www.balloonfiesta.com

Where are you, Paseo? Oh wait, you just came back! Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. 

Ban: Genetically Modified Chile

Photo via www.bullhorn.blogspot.com

There have been rumors going around that certain major corporations have been genetically modifying chile to make it produce through the colder season, which would eventually leave less work for our farmers, especially in Hatch. Let's make sure this doesn't happen, and let's keep our chile the same way it's been forever. Local and home grown. 

Bring Back: The Pit

Photo via www.youtube.com

I get the The Pit is just the arena's nickname and nothing has actually changed, but the WisePies arena name change caused a lot of upset this year leading us to believe that apparently Albuquerqueans don't like change and to leave our traditions alone. 

Ban: Breaking Bad Themed EVERYTHING

Photo via www.amazon.com

Breaking Bad is cool, don't get me wrong, but there is a fine line between an acceptable Breaking Bad reference and one that isn't. For example, walking every two feet in Albuquerque and seeing people sell gobs of BB lollipops, bracelets, and pancake makers (yes I've seen one) it's just gone a bit too far. 

Ban: The Chaos at the UNM Cottages

Photo via www.koat.com

Although the Cottages aren't directly associated with the University of New Mexico, they brought on a pretty terrible reputation for the partying that goes on near the campus. Anything goes at these cottages, let's make sure they either clean up their act for 2015 or get on their way. 

Bring Back: Stufy's (on the Westside)

Photo via www.eliterewardsnm.com

Probably one of the saddest experiences that we have had as Burquenos was when Stufy's moved from the westside to the east side. In 2015, we definitely need one on each side of town, because their sopapillas are, well, awesome. 

Bring Back: The Cows

Photo via www.stumpsparty.com

If you can remember, there used to be a couple of cardboard cutout cows in the backyard of a home perched on a hill, just before the Coors exit on I-40, however, a few years ago, they were mysteriously gone. Even though they were a bit cheesy, they were neat, and served as a landmark almost, which is exactly why in 2015 we need them back. 

Bring Back: Turn Signals

Photo via www.wikihow.com

I never thought these really went out of style, but I guess they did. Whether it be a goal or resolution for this upcoming year, let's make sure our handy dandy turn signals are brought back for usage, because they are very helpful when you're moving three lanes over abruptly. 

Bring Back: Dee's Cheesecake

Photo via www.krqe.com

Best cheesecake, ever... hands down. Although the owners are retired, we miss it. Dee's Cheesecake Factory had better cheesecake than anyone around town, and it's sad they're gone, so it's definitely something that should be revived in 2015.

Bring Back: Milton's

Photo via www.abqjournal.com

Milton's closed many years ago, but we all miss that twenty four hour late night grub spot. Their hash browns are to die for, as well as everything served there making this a must to bring back in 2015.