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Throwback Thursday: ABQ Places We Miss

Duke City Raceway

Image Via Bill Waltman - www.facebook.com/LostSpeedways

Duke City Raceway Duke City Raceway was a 3/8 mile dirt oval located near Albuquerque, New Mexico. The track shut down in 2004 and the land was sold for development. As of 2007, the track is in the process of being torn out. 

The Boys & Girls Club on Rio Grande

After multiple efforts to keep this place alive, the owners were unable to keep up with renovations and fixing the broken pieces of the deteriorating building. Albuquerqueans have very fond memories of coming to this place.  

Playas Smelter Plant

El Vado Motel

Old Greyhound Bus Station

MG Grand Liquors

The Beach

The Beach was probably the coolest attraction in Albuquerque... because it was the only legitimate water park out here. However, we only miss it during it's finer more sanitary times. Who doesn't miss the Rolling Thunder, or the Plunge? If you answered no one, you're on the right track. 

Sonny's Bar

Dee's Cheesecake Factory

Dee's Cheesecake Factory had the best cheesecake around, until recently the former management retired, closing the business down for good. We all know we will miss Dee's, especially their raspberry swirl cheesecake and Larry Barker sandwich.  

Big Chief Gas Station

Phot via www.breakingbad.wikia.com

The Big Chief Gas Station, located by Zia Pueblo off of 550, is no longer open however it was used as a filming location for Breaking Bad. The attention from the show brought back our memories of it and has made it a destination tourists like to stop at. 

The Orchid Chamber

Photo via www.groupon.com

The Orchid Chamber was hands down one of the coolest hookah spots to go to while it was open on Coors. The music always contributed to its memorable atmosphere. 

The Medicine Chest In It's Old Location - Moved

They are still around and as awesome as ever. But no longer in their old location it became well known for. 

Denny's from Breaking Bad

Photo via www.abqjournal.com

Breaking Bad's last season premier episode featured Walt in the Denny's by UNM. Unfortunately, the location recently shut down, leaving many fans of the show and students upset. 

Ponderosa Bar

Aztec Motel

Photo via en.wikipedia.org

The Aztec motel ran longer than any other hotel in New Mexico, but was eventually demolished in the year of 2011 due to the potential of costly maintenance. However, the sign was preserved and is said to be a part of any future development there, which is pretty cool. 

Silver Fox Lounge

Duke City Diner

What's a town without a reliable, delicious diner to feast at? Thankfully we have a few left in town, but we do miss our Duke City Diner right next to the gas station. 

Charlie's Back Door

We all miss Charlie's. We knew what to expect from the food and the drinks were always poured with a good hand. All the good places seem to close in Albuquerque, please come back Charlie's. 

Interstate Motel

Brought It Back: The New Mexico Institute of Flamenco

This closure was heartbreaking. Due to a massive fire (right before Christmas) that tore through the downtown building, the owners were forced to close up shop. But the good news? They were able to open up a new institute a mile down the road on Route 66.