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A Dozen Albuquerque Restaurants that Deserve Way More Hype

Need to switch up your food, and want to discover some delectable restaurants that Albuquerque has to offer? Lucky for you, that's what we're here for! Albuquerque has a bunch of delicious grub spots for every taste palate, thay definitely need more hype!

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  • 1A&B's Lunchbox

    Photo via www.abqjournal.com

    A&B's lunchbox has a great atmosphere and great food (especially the salads. yes those do exist!) If you're looking for a cup of coffee or wanna try a mouthwatering panini named the 'Burqueno, check them out!

  • 2Crazy Fish

    Photo via www.crazyfishabq.com

    Albuquerque has a handful of excellent sushi restaurants, and Crazy Fish in Nob Hill is one of them. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and the sushi is top quality. Stop by for some tempura or green tea ice cream and taste the deliciousness for yourself!

  • 3O Ramen

    Photo via O Ramen Facebook

    O Ramen is definitely a restaurant that deserves way more hype! Everything crafted by the chefs here is exceptionally delicious, so be sure to stop by there and try the miso ramen, or the diver scallops. 

  • 4Perico's

    Photo via www.pericosmexicanrestaurant.com

    Perico's is one of the better Mexican food restaurants around town, and they have a neat atmosphere and fast service. Try some yummy shredded beef tacos, they are some of the best!

  • 5Mario's

    Photo via www.albuquerque.about.com

    If you're into Italian food, you will love Mario's Pizzaria & Ristorante. With four locations around town, this excellent excuse of a restaurant offers the best pastas, pizzas, and desserts that deseve way more credit for being absolutely delicious. 

  • 6Shade Tree Cafe

    Photo via www.abbyqmusic.com

    The Shade Tree Cafe is known for their friendly service and hearty food. If you get a chance to stop by, see why their burgers are all of that and a bag of chips. And don't forget to check out the motorcycle on the ceiling. 

  • 7Daily Grind

    Photo via www.nmgastronome.com

    The Daily Grind has it all: excellent service, appetizing dishes, and a inviting atmosphere. Some of their best dishes you have to try are the Blackened Ruby, Red Trout, or the White Corn Enchiladas.

  • 8Sushi King

    Photo via www.nmgastronome.com

    Sushi King is a sushi chain location in Albuquerque, known for their comfortable atmosphere and delicious food. Try a Lady In Red, which is a sushi roll with green chile. Trust me on this one. 

  • 9Annapurna's

    Photo www.dietsinreview.com

    Annapurna's is a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options, but the dishes are delicious enough for anyone's palate. Try the breakfast quinoa, or cardamom pancakes. Oh, and don't forget to try some chai, it's some of the greatest. 

  • 10Sophia's Place

    Photo via www.nmgastronome.com

    Sophia's Place is located in Los Ranchos, and is a tiny restaurant that offers a lot of flavor. They have even been visited by the Food Network, which is pretty awesome. Stop in for a delicious breakfast, and see why they need more hype!

  • 11Ironwood Kitchen

    Photo via www.nmgastronome.com

    Located in between Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, the Ironwood Kitchen offers breakfast all day, which says a lot. Their hot pastrami sandwiches are fantastic, as well as their huevos rancheros.  

  • 12Taqueria Mexico

    Photo via www.tripadvisor.com

    Tacqueria Mexico has some pretty great food to offer, which on spot Mexican dishes that are sure to hit the spot. Check out and see why they were voted the Best Tacos of 2009 by the Alibi!

  • 13La Salita Restaurant

    La Salita has been around since 1965, and there's a reason for it. It's like home made New Mexican food. Their Chile Relleno is amazing and the Turkey Enchiladas are delicious.  And you have to experience their salsa (warm!) with fresh tortilla chips.

  • 14La Salita Restaurant

    La Salita is celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year!  The staff and owners at this family owned and operated restaurant make it a priority to become your friend, inviting you into a home away from home, where you can dine with good company, and great food!

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