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What Albuquerque Looked Like In The 90's

By DukeCity 03/02/2015

Albuquerque News

Ah, the 1990's. The years of pogs, boy bands, Martin Chavez, national optimism, real estate-driven prosperity, TerraNova tests, and that bizarre PC Parts Plus commercial where the two owners walked across the screen to embrace each other. Now the winds and sands of time wear the past smooth. Won't you take a stroll down memory lane with me?

The Beach Waterpark


The 17 summers of 75 foot slides at Desert Surf Circle was a run unrivaled by any other attraction in the city. Whether you were there for the Plunge, the Scream, Rolling Thunder, or Lazy River, this oasis in the desert was one of the best places to spend a summer day with your friends.

Going to a Dukes Game


What was better than going to see the Dukes on a summer evening? The tickets were cheap, the competition was strong, and fan favorites like Paul Konerko, Brian Traxler, Paul Lo Duca, and Raul Mondesi were there before they made the big time. Don't get me wrong, the Isotopes are cool, but it's just not the same.

Bolack Travel


Say you needed to plan a vacation in the days before the internet became the place to buy anything and everything. You had to contact a travel agent! Bolack is still around, sort of, but not nearly as necessary as it once was.

Roland's Nursery


Did you need plants, topsoil, bark chips, mulch, a rake, or an item for your yard? Rolands was the place. They had a huge selection of plants and friendly people. We'll miss you.

University of Albuquerque


St. Pius High School now occupies the grounds of this former Catholic University. Technically, it closed before the 90's started, but it's an interesting historical institution, so it gets a pass. Alumni records are stored at the University of New Mexico.

Atomic Cantina

One of Albuquerque's most fun music venues is now several years gone. The kids growing up today will never know what it was like to see a show here :(

Highland Swing


Founded in 1954, Highland Swing made it to 50, and never re-opened. Objectively, it was the best field trip of the year, a great place to take a date, and the most rabbit-friendly putting course on the planet.