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Utah Kids Say the Darndest Things

By emellor 06/20/2014

Utah News

Utah is a largely Judeo-Christian state—Mormons (58%), Catholics (10%), Protestants, and so on. As a result, we teach our children to treat their bodies like temples by wearing modest clothing, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and caring for their bodies. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons, have additional guidelines regarding modesty, body piercing, tattoos, and coffee. 

Some of our children tell others quite bluntly about their beliefs. These children aren't being mean; they are concerned about others. Utah children also have interesting questions. 

So from the mouth of Utah babes: 

1. “Why are you smoking? It’s bad for you.”

Yes, I told a stranger this.

2. “Does that tattoo come off?”

I used to put the Fruit Stripe gum tattoos on my hands. Then I'd lick it off. Aren't all tattoos like that?


3. “He’s naked.”

My son pointed to a shirtless boy. I explained that the boy was dressed enough with shorts on, though we wear shirts as often as possible.

4. “What are you sniffing?”

Some kids would sniff markers and rubber cement in my middle school art class. Some of those markers had fruity scents. A child couldn't resist smelling them. Can you get high off of other stuff?


5. “Your shirt’s too low.”

A Utah child sees a woman bending over and informs her there's a problem. Women's clothes just don't like to cooperate.

6. “You’re not supposed to drink that. Coffee is bad for you.”

I told this to my great aunt when she was brewing coffee for her and her friends. My aunt kindly explained that some people make different choices. 

7. “What’s in your nose?”

via bijoufish/etsy.com

8. “That’s a bad word.”

Microsoft Clip-Art

I was a bit anal telling others not to swear. Now I occasionally say a bad word myself and I’m working on stopping.


9. “Why are you walking funny?”

Prom night, I was talking to a man who walked funny and slurred his words. My date steered me away from the man and said he was drunk. I just thought the man was weird.

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