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9 Problems You Will Only Understand if You Live on the Westside

The West part of Albuquerque is freakin' awesome, but there are downfalls, like any place you live in. From never getting a snowday, to forgetting your friends live on the East... we all know the trials of residing on this side of town. 

Hoping for a snowday, and never getting one.

Photo via www.memegenerator.net

We Westside folk all know that snow that sticks is a rarity around here. It seems the East always gets an abundance of snow, and we're always jipped out of a day off.

Getting home to realize your friend's birthday in Nob Hill.

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Lame. We've all had these moments where we wish we would've remembered our friend's birthday in bfe.

Coors is at a dead stop, and I'm already late.

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We have all been through this struggle- trying to get to the other side of town and leaving at a reasonable time, but STILL being late. 

Everything is so far apart.

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Oh, you want to go shopping for groceries and get those cool shoes you saw at the mall within an hour? Good luck with that. Everything is blocks away from each other, and every parking lot is a whole different maze you have to get through. 

It takes years to get to I25 or I40.

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We know that living on the West means a little bit more of a commute, which can be a bummer, especially if you're trying to get to an interstate. 

Seeing rainstorms surrounding Albuquerque, and being in the one spot the storm isn't.

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Maybe not always, but a majority of the time, the whole city of Albuquerque excluding the west gets a gnarly rain shower, while we're just stuck here wishing.

All of the fun is on the Eastside.

Photo via www.daveandbusters.com

Dave and Buster's? Eastside. Cliff's? East. Delicious food like Tucano's? East. You get the point. 

Most outdoor adventures are on the otherside of town.

Photo via www.mountainbiketx.com

Sure, the volcanos are great, and so are the petroglyphs and bosque, but for those of us who crave real hikes in the foothills, it's a bit of a drag to migrate all the way East to satisfy that craving.

Dust Storms

Photo via www.leparamoteur.fr 

We have a lot of open, sandy lots on the West, making it perfect to whip up a storm of the worst kinds- dust.