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8 Ways We Keep Albuquerque Boring -- And We Like It

New York City we're not. And even with the numerous gambling casinos around Albuquerque, we're more like Disneyland than Vegas. Many people say Albuquerque is boring, and maybe it is for a lot of people. But for most of us, we'll take the boredom with the bad.

Here are several boring things that make us proud to live in ABQ.

1. Sorry, we're closing

Well, not everyone gets bored when they walk in at 9:30 pm, starving, into a restaurant on Saturday night. Some seem to get a little irritated. But we do like to close up restaurants early here, so that we can go home and have nothing to eat, drink or do.  It's fun...and boring.

2. We like the brown here


The scenery is just fine with us. Unlike other places, we don't use lots of extra water just to make the place green. Occasionally, a gorgeous, vividly colored cactus flower blooms. But what the hell, we're not going to pluck it out just because it's not brown.

3. We have the same festival year after at the same time

If we could do it more than once a year we would. But instead, we do it at the exact same time every year and no one ever complains. 

And we will never stop. Because we like doing the same thing year after year. It's easy and, right, boring.

4. Doing something hot in ABQ means...

...combining red and green chile and eating chips. Real original, right? You know, red green = Christmas? Wow...

5. Too many kid-centered activities


Albuquerque loves its kids. And that's good. But does everything have to revolve around kids, children, infants, families with kids? After while it get, well, you know: tedious (boring).

6. ABQ (but only ABQ) is still into Breaking Bad

(Yawn). Years later, ABQ is still giving tours based on this TV show which put ABQ on the map. Breaking Bad was anything but boring. But constantly taking about it and hanging up a photo of White's dead body everywhere is beyond boring. Even the actors have moved on. But ABQ hasn't gotten it yet. Instead, now we have a new show to celebrate, you're up Saul. 

7. The sun shines much of the time

What is it--about 300-plus sunny days in ABQ a year?  How boring can that be? We never get snow days here; no one gets SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) here; no one has to deal with frozen car doors. 

"Sunrise, sunset, sunsrise, sunset (y-a-w-n)"

Ilene Springer

Enough already! We've seen plenty of gorgeous dawns and dusks to last a boring lifetime. Where are those gray skies of the East coast? The fog of the West coast. What about the rain of Oregon? And maybe a tornado or two, as they have in Kansas. But I'm afraid we're not in Kansas. We're in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Boy, who can live like this?  We can. Yes, we can.