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8 Things We Wish Frontier Would Add to Their Menu

The Frontier is stellar when it comes to delicious, filling food- no questions asked. However, there are a few items we feel necessary for them to add to their menu, because we know they could make them better than any other restaurant around town. 


Photo via www.knoxbeersnobs.com

All of this food looks great, but it would look better with a nice glass of beer next it, especially some local brew. I know all of us over 21 have wondered at one point or another why no beer is served at the Frontier, at all. The Frontier's delectable food is awesome, but enjoying with a cold one from La Cumbre would be better. 


Photo via www.ruizfoodservice.com

Tamales are every New Mexican's favorite dish, whether they have red or green chile, pork or beef, you name it- they are phenomenal. Now just imagine if the culinary geniuses at Frontier made them, they'd be to die for. 

French Toast

Photo via www.silk.com

French toast is an essential breakfast item, and we know if the Frontier made some, it would be to die for delicious. Just imagine how tasty it would be to have a stack of french toast next to that sweet roll. Sweetness overload. 


Photo via www.sdfoodtravel.com

Frontier already has a variety of New Mexican dishes on their menu, which is why it's surprising that they don't serve menudo. We think, as Albuquerqueans, that menudo is a necessity to a restaurant's cuisine. 


Photo via en.wikipedia.org

Carnitas, typically made with pork, is an essential hispanic dish to serve at any New Mexican restaurant. They are usually served with a salsa like mixture and cilantro over a tortilla, and we think this delectable dish needs to make it's way onto the menu. 

Biscochitos and Milk

Photo via www.huffingtonpost.com

Of course the Frontier serves milk, but we think adding biscochitos to the mix would put it over the top. Biscochitos are a classic hispanic cinnamon cookie served around Christmas, but we want it year round from the mouth watering Frontier!

Tres Leches

Photo via www.pixelatedcrumb.com

Everyone lives tres leches, and if you don't, you should get checked out by a doctor. This delicious cake is the best dessert to have if you like simple sweets, and would go excellent after an awesome burger from the Frontier. 

Chicken Fried Steak

Photo via www.omahasteaks.com

How does the Frontier not have chicken fried steak?! Chicken fried steak is the perfect American dish to have, especially when you are tired of the overload of New Mexican food and want to just escape- another necessity that must be added to their menu!