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7 Santos for New Mexico

Saints encourage us to look for miracles in unexpected places. Roses that fall from a robe, food that helps feed the poor, shoes for the weary pilgrim are just some of the ways they help us.

Santos listen to our prayers and hopes and dreams. For New Mexicans, some santos stand out when it comes to our very special needs.

St. Elizabeth

St. Elizabeth of Hungary was born in 1207, the daughter of a Hungarian King, and became known as the princess who distributed bread to the poor. 

In New Mexico, we can ask for her help as we make tortillas, biscochitos and green chile cheese bread.

San Ysidro


San Ysidro protects our fields and helps us to be a good neighbor. As the patron saint of farmers, he helps us with many crops, but in New Mexico, he no doubt keeps a watchful eye on our annual chile pepper harvest.

Santo Nino de Atocha

Santo Nino de Atocha watches over pilgrims, and every year in New Mexico, his eyes are on those who make the journey to Sanctuario de Chimayo and Tome Hill.

San Juan Bautista

New Mexico has plenty of acequias, waters and streams that bring life-giving water to crops and fields. San Juan Bautista's day is June 24, and as the patron saint of San Juan Pueblo, his day is celebrated with dance and song. On his day, it is believed all waters become pure. It is also the beginning of summer and New Mexico's summer rains.

In New Mexico, we can turn to St. John the Baptist to ensure our waterways don't run dry.

San Pasqual

Patron saint of cooks and shepherds, San Pasqual's feast day is May 17. Retablos and bultos of Pasqual are on the walls and countertops of many, many New Mexico kitchens. In New Mexico, it's certain he watches carefully over our spring lamb empanadas, green chile stews, tamales and other regional fare.

Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony the abbott is the patron saint of butchers. Anthony is frequently depicted with pigs because pork fat was said to cure skin diseases and Anthony used it to cure the afflicted. 

Look to him to help when making carne adovada, chicharrones, chorizo and the like.

San Rafael


San Rafael is known to help with many things, but he is especially known as the overseer of travelers, good health, and happy meetings. 

New Mexicans are known for their friendliness and their ability to make others feel at home. 

As you travel to work, to home, or to the corners of the state, thank San Rafael for your safe journey.