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7 Reasons You Should Really Be Thankful for Spring in New Mexico

Spring is here at last! Of all the seasons in New Mexico, spring gets the least amount of love. Here, where there is spring there are dreadful winds and worse allergies. But I think that can be a positive thing.

1. It gives you a free, easy “windswept” look to your hair.

via makeherup.com

Look like the models in 2 seconds.

2. It makes sure your sinuses are still working.

via instabeat.me

Check and check--good to know you're alive, right?!

3. It also makes sure your tear ducts are still working.

via celebquote.com

Gotta check on these things sometimes, you know?

4. It adds that little extra bit of fiber to your diet.

via tampabay.com

You might think that getting dirt blown into your mouth is disgusting, but hey, we're looking at the positives here!

5. It gives you the perfect excuse to call in sick to work.

via Tumblr

"My allergies are killing me" is something everyone around these parts can understand.

6. It’s something to complain about to anyone who will listen.

And everyone will listen. Misery loves company!

7. And then there is this.

Eastern New Mexico University via Flickr

These Callery pear blossoms have a very... unique stench