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7 Reasons why Luminarias Kick Traditional Christmas Lights' Ass

The Christmas season is upon us, and while the rest of the country pulls out strand after strand of tiny lights from their attics, New Mexicans buy paper bags and votive candles in bulk and raid their backyards for sand. Here are seven reasons why luminarias are the better choice.

7. They can't get tangled

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Unlike long wires and Christmas lights, the luminarias get made again each year. No sorting through bundles of lights to find the ends that plug in and then rewrapping them at the end of the year. Simply sand, paper bags, and candles.

6. When a candle goes out, you just relight it.

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Another problem with traditional Christmas lights is that when one tiny bulb burns out, the lights on the rest of the strand can't light up. With luminarias you can pull out your box of matches or lighter and relight the one that's out...as long as the wind is in your favor.

5. They have their own page on the City of Albuquerque website.

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The city's website provides directions to make your own (in case this is a new tradition for you) and neighborhoods to go on walking tours. Not many other Christmas decorations can claim their own web page.

4. The American Cancer Society uses them in their "Relay for Life" events.

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While the Relay for Life mainly focuses on raising spirits, one of the last events of the evening is in remembrance of the people who have lost their lives to the disease. Participants or donors can dedicate luminarias.

3. They have a tradition that stretches back to the 1820s.

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The first luminarias were small bonfires of pinon boughs. When brown paper sacks were brought down the Santa Fe trail in the 1820s, the lights became accessible to everyone (via novato-troop42.com).

2. They were just used in this Mercedes-Benz commercial.

via http://www.themill.com/work/mercedes-luminaries.aspx

Nothing says "kickass" like luminarias and awesome cars.

1. They're unique.

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'nuff said.