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6 Ways Only New Mexicans Say "I Love You"

New Mexicans do everything a little bit differently than everyone else, and we love it! When it comes to true love, we New Mexicans don't have to ponder for days on how to tell our sweethearts how much we care; we're born with knowing how to do this.  Here are six pointers on how we show the ways and means of love New Mexican style.

1. Bring her a bouquet...

...of chile peppers. Who needs roses or daisies to express your love to your New Mexican gal? Besides, she can cook them up for you later.

2. Pop the question!

"Will you get a matching tattoo with me?" Enough said

3. Baby, light my fire

Tell him he's as hot as green chile. What New Mexican can resist a compliment like that? Just watch out...get the fire extinguisher ready!

4. I'll pick yours if you pick mine...


True love is picking out cactus spines off each other. It's better than a back rub. If you truly love you sweetheart, you'll do his or her back for "free"--not expecting a cactus-spine-pulling in return.

5. Fly me to the sun

Take the ride of a lifetime together: a Valentine's Day hot air balloon ride--NOT during the balloon festival when everyone else is doing it.

6. Carve your names in stone

What's more enduring than carving your initials in stone alongside the names of Native American lovers who did the same thousands of years ago?