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9 Types of Relatives at Every New Mexican Thanksgiving Dinner Table

By Isaac 11/26/2014

Albuquerque News

Thanksgiving is a time for thanks, a time to stuff your face and a time to spend time with family that you sometimes rarely see. Every family is unique, but I bet these types of relatives will be sitting at your Thanksgiving dinner table.

The person who tries to pass their store bought chile off as homemade

The super religious grandma

Image Via gxphuhoa.org/uploadfck/images

The uncle who thinks he's funny (But Is Really Not)

The weird cousin that no one really likes

The team of aunts that cook the food (They think they are professional cooks)

Someone's boyfriend/girlfriend that is awkwardly there

The one guy who always complains about the food

The one person who says the Chile isn't hot enough

The mom who tries to feed you your fourth serving in an hour