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6 Types Of New Mexican Friends You Have

New Mexico, at least to me, is a very friendly place to live.  People smile and say hi on the streets, will try not to hit you with their car and many other things.  Over the past year that I've been here in Albuquerque, I've made a number of friends.  While they are all different, the are all quintessentially New Mexican, and NM wouldn't be the same without them.

1. The Outdoor Adventurist

I have a few New Mexican friends who are always up for a hike.  Tough ones. It doesn't matter if they are close to 80 years old, carrying infants on their backs or recovering from a broken leg.  These friends must do something outdoorsy in the Land of Enchantment every day or they start pacing back and forth if they have to stay indoors for even a day.  I'm not a big hiker, but I do stay friends with these people because they keep me on my toes.

2.  The New Mexican Fashion Plate


With friends like these, who needs fashion consultants?  These friends always look the part of a wild, free and fashionable New Mexican.  But these friends are fun to be around and make you want to reassess how you look. A word of warning: do not go shopping with a fashion-plate friend; you will be shopping for a looooooong time.

3. The Writer

See that smile?  That's on the face of New Mexican writer Aileen O'Catherine who has lived in Albuquerque since 1979--and has loved almost every minute of it. Aileen not only loves it here, she writes professionally and avidly about Albuquerque and the state of New Mexico. Aileen was my first friend when I moved to ABQ over a year ago from Malta (south of Sicily).  I hadn't even met her, but she gave me so many tips on finding a great apartment in Albuquerque. She also introduced to one of my favorite restaurants and hangouts--The Flying Star in Nob Hill. Although we are busy with our own professional lives, we will be ABQ friends forever.

4. The East Coast Transplant

Don't you love these people/friends?  I  know people who took all the time and effort to move from somewhere else--often the East Coast (we're talking New York, Boston, Connecticut, Philly) and now, all they do is complain about New Mexico.  Mostly they say there isn't enough to do.  But they sure don't complain about the weather. 

5. The Photographer

You know the type: you can't take this friend anywhere because he or she can hardly take a step without stopping to photograph The Land of Enchantment. True, we live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country--and even the world in many ways. But what the heck--someone has to take these photos nonstop.

6. The NM Dancer

There are some New Mexican friends who can dance all night--and day, too. These people know every New Mexican dance festival--Latin, Native American and whatever.  Try to get this friend to go to a movie?  Forget it.  I say, if you can't beat them, join them.  The dancing is amazing in New Mexico.