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5 Reasons To Get A Watercolor Tattoo

There has been some controversy surrounded around this "new" style of tattooing: watercolor. While they are beautiful and unique, customers are afraid they will lose their shape or their vibrancy over the years. Well, that is not the case as long as you are going to an artist that specializes on watercolor.  

Here are my 5 reasons to go out and get one! 

1. It's one of a kind

While many tattoos can be easily reproduced, from pictures and drawings, watercolor tattoos take the cake in uniqueness, as one cannot ever be exactly like the other. Tattoo lovers rejoice, you will not see your exact same tattoo on anybody else. Some of the most creative, inventive tattoos out there are inspired by watercolor paintings.  

2. It's a new style

While it has been around, in a smaller scale, for the last decade or so, watercolor tattoos are the most modern technique out there. If you are from the Burque, you likely either have a Zia tattoo, or you know someone that does, right? Well….introducing watercolor Zia tattoo. Watercolor artists can take a simple drawing into something fantastically artistic. And you, will be a trend setter !

3. It's eye catching

Just like a good painting that you stop to admire, watercolor tattoos can only be described as "art" . And eye-catching art. This type of tattoo does not go unnoticed. When you have a watercolor tattoo, you will be stopped many times to be admired. People will ask where did you get that? People will want one. And you, can proudly show it off without worrying it would be reproduced by the admirer.  

4. It's art you can wear

How many of us tattooed people have been annoyed with this question: "What is that and what does it mean?". I for one have some tattoos with no meaning, I have them because they are beautiful. This is the wonder of watercolor. It's abstract art you can wear. I can "just" be amazingly beautiful and stand on its own two feet of complex simplicity.

5. Amazing local artists at your disposal

We all know the Burque is a place with a lot of very talented tattoo artists, and us Burquenos love tattoos. So it should come as no surprise that some of the best watercolor tattoo artists are right here! If you are itching for a watercolor tattoo after reading this article (I know I am!), go see Johnny Mac Howell at Tinta Cantina. Trust me on this one, he is the best of the best in watercolor in the Burque. More local names that deserve recognition for their watercolor work are Ericksen Reed at Star Tattoo, and Orlando Sedillo at Shades of Grey.