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5 New Mexico Tourist Attractions Now Extinct

These sites and statues are sorely missed in New Mexico. But though they may be gone, they are not forgotten.


Fridgehenge was a site of discarded refrigerators built in 2003 outside of Santa Fe.

The site was created by artist Adam Jonas Horowitz. Fridgehenge, also called Stonefridge, was built out of more than 100 fridges in the image of Stonehenge. It stood 18 feet tall in a 100 foot circle.

Despite being a popular tourist attraction, Santa Fe officials said the site was never supposed to be a permanent fixture, and following a number of complaints from neighbors, it was removed.

The Breaking Bad Descanso

A fan-made memorial in the style of a highway fatality descanso supposedly marks the spot (108 Daniel Road NW Albuquerque) where the fictional "Breaking Bad" character Walter White died in the series finale.

And in true "Breaking Bad" fashion, it was soon stolen.

The Recycled Roadrunner

A 20 foot-tall, 42 foot-long roadrunner once stood atop a hill overlooking I-10 and looked out upon the Mesilla Valley near Las Cruces.

Made entirely of trash, the whimsical statue was built in 1993 by artist Olin S. Calk. It was the world's largest roadrunner and had a belly made of old shoes. Other parts of its body were made up of everything from office fans to computer parts and children's toys.

Roadside America.com reports that it's only gone temporarily but according to The Las Cruces Sun-News, "it's been in Calk's backyard, awaiting word from city officials on a new home" since its refurbishing in 2012.

Tribute plaque for Microsoft's original headquarters

A big plaque once marked Microsoft's first official home (in Albuquerque), but it was stolen in 2012.

The plaque commemorated the site (199 California St. NE) where business magnates Paul Allen and Bill Gates got their start. KRQE reports that the plaque was installed in 2006.

The Bone Zone

The Bone Zone was a boneyard of discarded objects north of Madrid, New Mexico on Highway 14.

The crazy sculpture garden was created by artist Tammy Jean Lange, also known as Tatt2 Tammy for her years as a tattoo artist. The site also went by the names "Madrillos" and "Tiny Town."

According to Legends of America, The Bone Zone had a happy ending: "several years ago an art scout came upon Lange's town and arranged to have much of it boxed and shipped to the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore."