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30 Things That Stress Out Journalists

By chris 01/08/2014

US News

According to a Careercast report, journalists have one of the most stressful jobs, along with soldiers, firefighters, airline pilots, and public relation executives (they have the same stresses as journalists but get paid better). Here's why journalists are so stressed:



The first day on the job

When a TV reporter asks a completely bullshit, softball question at a press conference

"Can you email us your questions?"

Losing your notes

When your phone dies in the middle of the day

Readers' comments

Just don't do it. 


When sources don't call back

"No comment" comments

When your editor asks if you can write a brief before the end of your shift

Working on 4 hours of sleep

Being scooped

When you notice your voice recorder is not on in the middle of an interview

When someone threatens to sue you

When a late-night game goes into overtime

When you run into someone in real life after bitching about them on Twitter.

When a reader leaves a voicemail telling you that you're a worthless piece of shit and that you have no idea what you're writing about

After writing your fifth homicide story in a week

Deciding to join the copy desk

"Did I make that change in my lede???????????"

When a source is talking above your state school journalism degree

When your computer freezes and you realize you haven't saved your story

When you realize the meeting you're covering across town starts in five minutes

When you realize you're driving toward a fire instead of away from it

When your editor asks if you could take photos yourself instead of sending a photog

Attending your first presser

Job searching

When you see your paycheck

Journalism in general

We still love it.