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25 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Lotaburger

Blake's Lotaburger is a thoroughly New Mexican fast food restaurant. But did you know the first stores outside of the state were recently opened? Or did you know green chile wasn't part of the original menu? And just who is the giant stick man holding the Blake's sign supposed to be? Find out some things you may or may not have known about Lotaburger.

1. The very first Blake's Lotaburger opened on July 9, 1952. In unrelated news, John Tesh was born that day in Garden City, New York.

2. Who is the Blake behind Blake's Lotaburger? That would be Blake Chanslor, a World War II Navy vet from Texas who moved to New Mexico after the war.

3. Chanslor is the inspiration for the giant smiling stick man in the red, white, and blue tuxedo. Notice how he's not wearing any pants?

4. At 32 years old, Blake Chanslor started his company for $5,300.

5. The first Lotaburger stand took up no more than 270 square feet. It had outdoor seating and walk-up service.

6. The original price for a burger was a whopping 35 cents. An Itsaburger would set you back 20 cents.

7. The first Lotaburger stand stood at the corner of San Mateo and Southern. Today you'll see the space is now occupied by Acapulco Tacos & Burritos.

8. Blake Chanslor must have been doing something right. By 1953, he opened up two more locations.

9. Lotaburger continues to grow with over 80 locations and counting.

10. All but two locations are in New Mexico. The only place outside of New Mexico lucky enough to have Lotaburger is El Paso, Texas, where there are now two locations.

11. Another newer location is in the UNM Student Union Building. Lotaburger joins the likes of Saggio's, Sahara, Garcia's Kitchen, and Satellite Coffee as local dining options for Lobos grubbing at the SUB.

12. UNM isn't the only university in state with a Lotaburger. Aggies at New Mexico State University have already been enjoying Blake's seasoned fries and chocolate shakes.

13. All stores are company-owned, allowing Lotaburger to better maintain their quality standards--like only using Certified Angus Beef for their burgers or Nathan's for their hot dogs.

14. The company is a one-stop shop for most construction needs for their stores. Blake's owns and operates its own sheet metal shop, refrigeration shop, cabinet shop, vehicle shop, maintenance fleet, and commissary.

15. Lotaburger sources their green chile from Hatch, the mecca of New Mexico chile. (As if we'd expect anything less.)

16. Lotaburger helped put green chile on the map. Literally. When the New Mexico Department of Tourism issued the first Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail in 2009, Lotaburger made the cut.

17. Green chile wasn't always on the menu at Lotaburger. Employees noticed customers bringing in their own green chile to add to their food and so it finally made its way onto the menu. I couldn't imagine Lotaburger without it.

18. Green chile isn't the only thing you can add on to your burger. You can opt to add cheese, jalapeƱo, chile con carne, or bacon.

19. The bacon at Lotaburger isn't just any old bacon. It's applewood bacon that has been smoked for 10 hours. Drool.

20. Besides the regular chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and cherry options, Lotaburger has seasonal flavors from time to time, including peach.

21. When "Ask a Mexican" columnist Gustavo Arellano wrote about Five Guys coming to California in 2010, he lamented that they couldn't have Lotaburger instead. To quote: "...if we're going to have a regional burger chain invade our county and go up against our In-n-Out's and TK's, why couldn't it have been Blake's Lotaburger, the country's most-ardent proponent of what's perhaps burgerdom's greatest manifestation: the green chile hamburger?"

22. Bags and cups from Lotaburger made their way into scenes from Breaking Bad--but you probably already knew that one.

23. Lotaburger has jumped on the food truck bandwagon. They have a 24-foot long food truck for catering. You've probably seen it at the State Fair.

24. Blake's is on Twitter (@BlakesLotaman) and has quite the character.

25. Not all locations are created equal. Some still have a vintage look with outdoor patios while the newer stores usually have drive-thru windows and indoor seating. Some serve breakfast in the morning, some all day, and some not at all. You can visit lotaburger.com to find out specific store information.