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24 Things That Would Make A New Mexican Cry

Whether it's tears of joy or tears of sorrow, native New Mexicans all share moments in which we may tear up a bit. From the idea of Dion's delivering, to an In-N-Out burger, we've got you covered on these moments we have to endure as New Mexicans. 

An Awesome Music Fest

Photo via www.pitchfork.com

Edgefest is great, and so are all of the other musical gatherings that happen around town, but we want more! A huge music festival of any sorts would bring us tears of happiness, trust me. 

Dion's Delivery

Photo via www.nmgastronome.com

The words "Dion's delivery" has probably been on every New Mexican's mind at one point or another. It just sounds so great... but sometimes, the best things are worth traveling for, because that's our only option. 

In-N-Out Burgers

Photo via www.thedeliciouscook.com

In-N-Out is one of the best burger joints, you have to admit! New Mexicans have wanted one for numerous years but still, we have none.

Forgetting the Green Chile

Photo via www.foodsogoodmall.com

We New Mexicans have all had moments when we've ordered a dish with green chile, or a side, and didn't get it. And it is one of the worst feelings in the world, especially if you JUST left the restaurant with your takeout. 

Another Awesome Brewery

Photo via www.nmgastronome.com

Albuquerque is the hub of upcoming and new breweries, which is something we're definitely proud of. If another awesome one shows up, it will bring us tears of happiness. I'll buy the first round. 

Another Amusement Park

Photo via www.stories.rackspace.com

Cliff's is awesome, don't get me wrong. Just imagine if we had a huge amusement park, however, like Six Flags or something along those lines. It would be sweet!

Being Named the "Worst" for Something Again

Photo via www.jerkassclothing.com

We hear New Mexico making the "worst" on lists pretty frequently, which doesn't leave us in the best of moods. We know how great New Mexico truly is though. So take your list elsewhere. 


Photo via www.theburningplatform.com

Ikea is one of the neatest (not to mention affordable!) furniture stores, and is found in cities with higher populations in comparison to any cities in New Mexico. If one eventually ever came to town, we all know we would have tears of joy and too many desks. 

A Football Team

Photo via www.latinlifedenver.com

It seems that having a low population affects us in a lot of ways, including not having our own NFL team, which would be pretty cool. Being able to see games in our own city would be a great experience. 

A Waterpark

Photo via www.blooloop.com

A waterpark in New Mexico would bring any of us tears, but the good kind. A waterpark in our hot desert would be absolutely perfect for us! But not a repeat of the beach. No thank you. 

Renaming the Pit... Oh Wait

Photobia www.koat.com

The UNM Pit has always been the UNM Pit. There's just no changing that... oh wait, that's right, it's the Wise Pies Arena now... but it will forever be the Pit in our hearts. 


Photo via www.craigtrudy.com

Whenever we get snow, we only get a mere dusting of it- making us long for real snow. Every New Mexican (almost) would cry tears of joy to get a snow day. 

Being Named the "Best"

Photo via www.tripadvisor.com

It rarely ever happens, but we all know when the moment comes that we are named the best at something... we are more than happy to accept the title. 

Balloon Fiesta Events Cancelled

Photo via www.abqjournal.com

It seems that every year a balloon fiesta event is cancelled, one way or another. We're all too familiar with waking up at three in the morning, getting all the way down to the park and THEN find out it's cancelled. It kills us a little more every time. 

Icy Roads

Photo via www.foodrepublic.com

There are a few of us who actually can drive in inclement weather, but the majority of us can't. It's snowing outside? I think I'll stay in to avoid the tears brought on of not knowing what to do. 

Dressing for Cold Weather

Photo via www.deniseisrundmt.com

We are all guilty of layering up when the weather eventually gets warm, anyways. At least you can take off some layers, but it's still a pain in the butt that frusterates all of us. 

More Detours Due to Construction

Photo via www.ghoginc.com

Obviously our whole town is always in a construction apocalypse, no matter what time of year it is. If we have to take yet another detour to work during our morning commute we might just tear our hair out... seriously. 

Joe's Crab Shack

Photo via www.candee-marie.blogspot.com

It's pretty unfair that commercials constantly taunt us with the awesomeness that Joe's Crab Shack has to offer, and we don't even have the resources to access it. This makes us all tear up a bit, because who knows when we will ever get a Joe's Crab Shack. 

Cancelling the Wine Festival

Photo via www.examiner.com

The New Mexico Wine Festival has been around for longer than most of us can remember, and we all love it! It would bring us sadness if it was cancelled... oh, wait. 

Driving in the Rain

Photo via www.sarcasticmindfulness.com

Rain and driving in New Mexico just doesn't mix, period. Car crashes and driving stupidly increase during these storms, which doesn't resonate with us well. 

The Smell of Roasting Green Chile

Photo via www.mjskitchen.com

When it's that time of year, we are alll filled with happiness. There's nothing better than the smell of roasting green chile- seriously. 

White Castle

Photo via www.gawker.com

White Castle, one of the most deliciously fattening fast food restaurants to ever exist is unfortunately not in New Mexico, so if we were ever to get one, we all know we'd be excessively happy. 

If There Was a Chile Shortage

Photo via www.abqjournal.com

How would we ever survive if there was a shortage on our staple food? We just wouldn't, and we all know how tragic it would be. 

When Your Favorite Band Skips Town for the Twentieth Time

Photo via www.ppastudio.com

Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but we all know that if we want to see our favorite musician, our best bet is traveling out of state, which makes us all tear up a bit.