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25 Delicious Facts You May Not Know About Dion's

Dion's is more than just amazing pizzas, subs, and salads. In New Mexico, Dion's is an institution. Their ranch is a state treasure. Their pizza is something you'll tell your grandkids about.

We found 25 facts everyone should know about this wonderful, magical place. 

1. Dion's was founded by John Patten and Bill Scott in 1978. Neither had any restaurant or business experience.

2. John and Bill are childhood friends from Birmingham, Michigan. The original plan was to open a Greek restaurant but customers really liked the restaurant's pizza and that quickly became the new restaurant's focus.

3. The original name of Dion's was Dionysus but when the founders got a quote for a sign they decided to shorten the name to Dion's to save money.

4. Dionysus is the Greek god of the grape harvest and wine.

5. Dion's Greek dressing is the only remnants of the original Greek menu.

6. Dion's goes through more than 45,000 cups of Greek dressing every week.

7. Dion's uses over 9,000 pounds of cucumbers a week.

8. Got allergies? If you need a gluten-free pizza you can bring your own crust and Dion's will make you a pizza.

9. Employees wear smocks instead of aprons.

10. Dion's hire people as young as 15 and as old as 100. 

11. Employees get gift cards on their birthdays.

12. Male employees are not allowed to have earrings and female are only allowed one piercing per ear.

13. Dion's does not allow employees to have visible tattoo or gauges.

14. More than 79,768 cups of ranch are consumed by Dion's customers each week.

15. Dion's CEO Mark Herman worked at Dion's while in high school. 

16. Almost all locations have a kids stand where kids (and adults) can watch pizzas being made.

17. There are 19 Dion's locations (the 20th opens in October) with two in Lubbock, Texas, and one in Colorado Springs. There are plans for five more locations, three in Albuquerque and two in Colorado Springs.

18. Dion's caters lunch to Volcano Vista, Bosque Prep, St. Pius, V. Sue Cleveland, and La Cueva.

19. Their pizza cheese is a blend of mozzarella and provolone, which comes from local New Mexico dairy farms.

20. Dion's goes through more than 33,000 pounds of cheese every week.

21. Dion's bakes more than 25,000 holiday cookies a week during Christmas and Valentine's Day.

22. Dion's calls their coleslaw koolsla. Koolsla is a raspberry vinaigrette-based cabbage salad.

23. The chips that come with Dion's subs are just ordinary Ruffle potato chips. 

via NewsCastic

24. Dion's did have the deep dish pizza on their menu until 1985. Rumor is they pulled the item because it took too long to bake. The deep dish is now unofficially on Dion's secret menu.

25. Dion's employees have their own language. pies = pizza, pep = peperoni, art <3 =="" artichoke="" hearts,="" gc="green" chili="">